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Written by Adam Miller
Why Does My Business Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Houston business owners face a myriad of important logistical and financial decisions on a regular basis, especially when a business is first starting out, or when it begins to grow and expand. One of the major decisions a business owner can make is in regards to Commercial Insurance coverage and policies. Commercial Insurance needs can vary greatly depending on the industry, size of the business, location, and state or local requirements.

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Written by Adam Miller
How To Reduce Business Expenses in 2015

Tax time can be a revealing time for business owners, as receipts and accounting records can clearly indicate spending trends and expenses that exceeded budgets or expectations. However, businesses still have an opportunity to reduce business expenses for the current year and improve their bottom line with a few proactive steps. In today's blog post, we'll highlight three areas in which business can realize significant savings in their annual budget to allow financial resources to be focused elsewhere.

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Written by admin
Three Insurance Mistakes New Business Owners Should Avoid

Business owners know that there are a variety of obstacles to overcome in order to achieve success and growth in their business. In addition, businesses must avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that have doomed other businesses, such as hiring the wrong people, buying poor quality equipment, or choosing the wrong location for their office or storefront. In today's blog post, we'll look at three insurance mistakes that all new businesses should avoid, to ultimately help their businesses achieve future success.

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