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Retail Insurance

Retail Insurance

We understand how much work it takes to start your own retail business, make it grow, and keep it going. It takes time, determination, patience, and persistence. So once your retail business is up and running, it makes sense to it protect it as best you can. We can offer Income Loss in our Retail Insurance policies to make sure you keep your business running after a disaster strikes.

Whether you're selling books, plants, jewelry, pottery, or other products, retail establishments all have the same basic insurance needs. Mainly, retail stores commonly have inventory that must be protected from normal dangers such as theft, fire, and natural disaster. And of course, most retail stores have customers coming in and out, some of whom just might get hurt while inside.

The best way to provide property and liability insurance for your retail business is with a Business Owners Policy (BOP) specifically tailored to smaller retail stores. Policies will typically have provisions similar to the property insurance and liability insurance sections of the BOP, with the option to add on various other coverages that you may need, such as coverage for equipment breakdown or food spoilage, business interruption, or commercial auto insurance.

Some exposures may be are easy to spot; however, others take time and attention. Through Aegis's unique programs, we can provide your Houston business with the best possible cost and coverage combination for your retail store insurance needs. We offer an experienced team that understands the challenges of running a retail business and the coverages needed to protect your assets. At Aegis, our outstanding service is geared to deliver results without delay, and our insurance programs can meet your specific assets and exposures, all at a price you can afford.

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