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Rental Property Insurance

People who rent their homes understand the importance of having coverage against things like vandalism, fire, theft, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, and even then they sometimes choose not to insure their property against the occurrence of an incident with liability insurance for rental property. However, the moment a property owner decides to lease the property, different liability and safety considerations arise.  Because there are commercial considerations, major insurance carriers now offer special rental insurance policies for landlords which are sometimes referred to as rental home insurance.

A Texas renters insurance policy can help protect your personal property from fire damage, theft, and vandalism while also providing liability protection for your visitors and guests. Including electronics, jewelry, clothing and more, research has shown the average renter owns $30,000 in personal property. (Actual values may vary throughout the U.S., and $30,000 is a rounded estimate of personal property value for a standard two-bedroom apartment.)

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