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Written by Adam Miller
Improving Workplace Safety Starts With Improving Processes

When accidents or injuries occur in the workplace, it's common for companies to put the blame on a "careless" worker, or to blame supervisors or other employees for a lack of oversight. However, many workplace accidents and injuries can be avoided by first improving workplace conditions and processes, which would reduce employee injuries, workplace downtime, and potential Workers Compensation claims. Today's Aegis blog post highlights several ways companies can improve workplace processes to increase workplace and worker safety.

Clear and Concise Instructions

Often, worker injuries or workplace accidents occur because there is a lack of communication or clear instructions for operating a machine, performing a task, dealing with inclement weather, or handling special materials. Over time, businesses might rely on workers training other workers with only verbal instructions and skip using written, clear-cut documentation. This can lead to confused employees having to try and guess what the correct next step is in their process, or struggle to remember how to handle emergency situations.

Companies can reduce employee injuries and company downtime by providing clear and concise written instructions for all tasks, both big and small, and in all departments. When processes are clearly described and detailed, there is less confusion and improved safety.

Safe Working Conditions

When a business prioritizes having a safe working environment at all times, the end result is safer employees, fewer injuries, reduced downtimes, and improved efficiency. This is especially critical for positions, tasks, or industries that involve some level of risk or have higher instances of worker injuries, such as restaurants, retail, or auto repair.

Companies can promote safe working conditions by making sure that all areas of the business are as safe as possible, with ample lighting inside and outside the premises, even and well marked steps and pathways, personal protective equipment for dangerous jobs, and safety gear for operating machinery or equipment. When the processes and workplace are safer, workers can accomplish more and will have greater employee morale knowing their company cares about their safety.

Thorough Employee Training

Finally, it is a company's responsibility to ensure employees are well trained in all facets of their job, as well as understanding what to do in the event of emergencies or other serious issues. When employees are trained well, the processes of their job should go smoothly, making it easier to identify other issues that could be causing problems or injuries. For example, if restaurant workers are well trained on kitchen safety and proper kitchen attire but still suffer from slips and falls, then the issue might not be the employees but the cleaning process within the kitchen or an inefficient floor cleaner being used. Good training can easily help identify the true causes of worker injuries or workplace accidents that need to be corrected.

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