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Written by Adam Miller
What Kind of Liquor Insurance Does My Business Need?

For many restaurants and bars, alcohol sales are a significant part of their revenue stream, while other kinds of businesses might regularly treat employees to alcoholic drinks at company parties or corporate events. Although alcohol sales can boost your company's bottom line, and free flowing drinks can make your company party more fun, both can create liability risks for your business.

Learn the difference between Host Liquor Liability Insurance and Liquor Liability Insurance and how they can protect your business if you face liquor liability claims.

Liquor Liability Insurance

The biggest risk for restaurants and bars that serve and sell alcohol is that they could be held liable if their customers drink too much alcohol and cause accidents, injuries, property damage, or a death. Intoxicated and belligerent customers are more likely to get into skirmishes with each other or with employees such as bartenders or security guards, which can further open up your business to liability claims.

Liquor Liability Insurance protects bar and restaurant owners by paying legal bills and court costs related to liquor liability lawsuits or claims. This policy also helps your business avoid financial ruin by covering any settlements or damages awarded by the court that may arise from the liability claim, which could be substantial and difficult to cover out of pocket.

Host Liquor Liability Insurance

Even if your business doesn't manufacture, sell, or serve alcoholic beverages, you still may be exposed to liability claims related to alcohol consumption. For example, if your company provides free beer and wine at corporate events, hosts a holiday party with an open bar, or has a BYOB (bring your own bottle) restaurant policy, your company may be held liable if an intoxicated person at your event causes physical damage or personal injury to someone else.

Host Liquor Liability works by covering expenses related to property damage or injuries to a third-party such as medical expenses, property repairs, and any court costs related to lawsuits. This type of policy can be included in a General Liability policy for added protection, and can be used by a wide range of industries.

How Aegis Can Help

Aegis Insurance & Financial Services offers a variety of comprehensive and reliable Commercial Insurance policies, including Liquor Liability Coverage for restaurants and bars, or Host Liquor Liability Coverage for all other types of companies that don't manufacture, sell, or serve alcohol but allow it to be consumed on site or at company events.

For more information about liability protection for your business, contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 or fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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