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Written by Adam Miller
Understanding The Basics of Liquor Liability Insurance

Whether people are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, a new job or promotion, or just the end of a rough week, it's common for people to partake in an alcoholic beverage or two at a local bar or restaurant. Unfortunately, if people have had too much to drink and become intoxicated, this can lead to disastrous consequences such as altercations with other patrons or even a serious car accident. In these events, the bar or restaurant that provided them with alcohol could be held liable for damages and losses. In today's Aegis blog post, we'll look at Liquor Liability Insurance and how it can help protect businesses that sell or serve alcohol, such as retail shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs.

What Does It Cover?

Liquor Liability Insurance works by protecting businesses against losses or damages that stem from a customer's intoxication. These can be personal injuries or losses of the intoxicated customer, or they can be losses or damages that the intoxicated person causes. Depending on state laws, a bar or restaurant that served the alcohol could also be held liable for the person's actions, meaning they could also be pursued for civil lawsuits and criminal charges. Liquor Liability policies can protect businesses from financial losses related to intoxicated customer injuries and losses, such court costs, attorney fees, and damages awarded in civil or criminal court.

Does My Business Need It?

If you own a bar, restaurant, sports venue, hotel, nightclub, theater, or any other kind of establishment that sells or serves alcohol, then you should have Liquor Liability Insurance coverage. Most states require this type of coverage for any type of business that applies for a liquor license to sell or serve alcohol. Even if your business doesn't sell much alcohol, Liquor Liability coverage is worth it because a single incident or lawsuit could devastate your business because of the lengthy and costly process of a lawsuit or damages.

How Else Can I Protect My Business?

In addition to having Liquor Liability Insurance, businesses that plan to serve or sell alcohol can take proactive measures to reduce the likelihood of liability issues stemming from intoxicated customers. These proactive steps include training bartenders and wait staff to refuse alcohol to clearly intoxicated customers, promoting taxi or ride sharing services to patrons who may be unfit to drive, and adhering to precise measurements for alcohol servings and mixed drinks.

Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is a leading provider of Commercial Insurance solutions to a wide variety of industries, including the Restaurant and Bar industry. If your establishment is considering selling or serving alcohol, Aegis can help you get the Liquor Liability Insurance needed to protect your bar, restaurant, hotel, venue, or nightclub, either as a stand-alone policy or bundled with your other Commercial Insurance coverage. In addition, Aegis can customize a Commercial Insurance package that is tailored to your specific business needs, including General Liability, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, and Excess Liability Coverage. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or fill out our online form for a free quote!

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