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Written by Adam Miller
Three Reasons To Choose An Independent Insurance Agency

In this era of global corporations and multi-national businesses, it can be hard for the average commercial consumer to be noticed or feel appreciated by their service providers. Clients might feel like they are simply nothing more than an account number, especially when they are in need of customer service. Thankfully, commercial insurance customers do have choices, and one of the best ones they can make is choosing an independent insurance agency instead of a large, faceless insurance corporation. In today's blog post, we'll explore three reasons why businesses benefit when choosing independent insurance agencies for their commercial insurance needs.

Understand Needs of Small Business Owners

When growing a small business, it can be vitally important to partner with other small businesses to build a network of businesses that compliment and support one another. Independent insurance agencies are often small businesses themselves, which means they understand the needs of small business owners and the unique challenges they face. They know which types of commercial insurance policies are absolutely necessary, which ones are not as vital, and the state and local guidelines regarding commercial insurance policies.

More Reliable Customer Service

Another benefit to choosing an independent insurance agency over the large insurance corporations is that they excel at providing reliable, top-quality customer service. Customers can actually build relationships with their insurance agent, and are more likely to get an insurance solution customized to their specific needs and goals. In addition, independent insurance agencies can offer more personalized customer service because they understand the local economy, and they know the area customer base very well.

Know Area Threats and Liabilities

Finally, independent insurance agencies can help better protect commercial clients because they understand the most common threats and liabilities to area businesses. For example, a local independent insurance agency will know what kinds of common weather threats exist in the area, such as hurricanes, windstorms, flooding, extreme heat, and tornados, and can recommend insurance solutions to protect against those losses. Also, independent insurance agents can also help identify areas of town where insurance costs are lower because of crime rates, flood plains, and better access to customers. By contrast, large insurance corporations are far less likely to know about local issues that impact your business and your insurance coverage.

Also it's commonly said that, "Bigger is better," this is not always the case, especially when it comes to choosing a commercial insurance provider. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services excels at providing top-quality commercial and personal insurance solutions at competitive rates. The friendly and knowledgeable team at Aegis can help create a customized insurance package that meets the unique needs of personal and commercial clients. Contact Aegis today for more information at 713-850-7622, or go online for a free quote!

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