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Written by Adam Miller
Let InsurTexas help protect your business from potential losses or damage through comprehensive business insurance solutions tailored to your business industry.

Business owners know that it is vitally important to protect valuable company assets, such as buildings and office space, electronic equipment, specialized machinery, inventory, business vehicles and other company property. Protecting these assets often includes the use of parking lot cameras, secured card-key entry and exit doors, and security guards to protect the business during off-hours. Even with all these safeguards and protective measures, businesses can often be vulnerable from other kinds of damage by being underinsured or not having the kind of comprehensive business insurance that protects their specific industry.

Many small business owners in Texas are required to have licenses or a permit to operate their specific business, whether it is a restaurant, law firm, floral shop, auto repair garage or other kind of business. After acquiring required permits or licenses, businesses often secure basic business insurance and workers compensation insurance, but because of their industry, these policies alone are not enough to fully protect from certain kinds of losses or litigation specific to their business. Too many business owners in Texas are unfamiliar with the protective, comprehensive insurance solutions that exist for their specific industry or business type, and are left devastated when legal issues arise or business damage occurs.

For example, many small business owners in the food industry are unfamiliar with Restaurant Insurance, which protects restaurants of all sizes, or Deli & Sandwich Shop Insurance that helps protect delis, bakeries, coffee shops, candy shops and other small food retailers. Restaurant Insurance can specifically protect restaurant owners from a variety of losses such as food or inventory spoilage, off-site utility interruptions, company vehicle losses, or damage to outdoor signage. Deli & Sandwich Shop Insurance offers comprehensive insurance coverage to help owners recover from industry-specific losses such as customer injuries inside the establishment, food or beverages that cause customer illness, or legal claims because of allergic reactions.

For those in the repair service industry, there are also a large number of customized business insurance solutions that are tailored to protect the long-term health and future of your small business. For auto repair owners, general contractors, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC repair owners, there are industry-specific business insurance policies that offer comprehensive, quality protection at affordable rates. Repair service owners can rest easy knowing their hard work and investments are protected from such losses and possible legal matters such as medical costs due to on-site accidents, compensatory or punitive damages because of plumbing or electrical issues, or damages or loss to company vehicles, equipment and specialized tools.

No matter your industry, Aegis offers affordable, quality business insurance solutions that are tailored to your business and offer maximum protection from a variety of losses or litigious actions. The helpful and knowledgeable agents of Aegis can help create a customized insurance solution that meets your needs and offers long-term protection for your business, employees, assets, inventory and other business property. Save even more by bundling your business insurance policies together for maximum premium savings with broader coverage. Don't risk the future and longevity of your business by securing inadequate business insurance coverage – contact the business insurance experts of Aegis today.

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