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Written by Adam Miller
Three Benefits of Implementing Driver Safety Programs

In our previous Aegis blog post, we discussed how your business can keep company trucks and delivery vans safer to reduce theft or vandalism. Along with vehicle safety, businesses should also prioritize the health and safety of their drivers by implementing driver safety programs.

In today's Aegis blog, we'll discuss three benefits that come from implementing fleet driver safety programs and how both drivers and company owners can both reap the rewards.

Improves Driver Safety

The primary reason your business should consider implementing safety programs is that they can significantly protect your company drivers from accidents or injuries. Driver safety programs are designed to train and incentivize drivers to use adhere to specific safety protocols when they're behind the wheel.

Good driver safety programs will often include the following:

  • Obeying all traffic laws and speed limits
  • Prohibiting the use of cellphones while driving
  • Telematic systems to track vehicle locations, driver behavior, and diagnostics
  • Financial incentives for clean safety and driving records

When drivers are trained and financially motivated to drive and operate vehicles in a safer way, then they're less likely to be involved in an accident or hurt themselves on the job. Workers can be rewarded with quarterly or annual bonuses or extra PTO for having no moving violations or accidents within a certain time frame.

Increases Longevity of Fleet Vehicles

In addition to keeping drivers safer, implementing a driver safety program can also result in a longer life for your fleet vehicles and service trucks. Delivery vans, company cars, and service trucks should be regularly serviced to ensure everything is in good working condition, such as the brakes, fluid levels, and tires.

Drivers can also be trained to immediately report issues with safety equipment or vehicle performance, such as braking issues, low fuel efficiency, or poor handling of the vehicle. Getting prompt repairs can help extend the life and efficiency of your company vehicles.

Reduces Liability Risks

Finally, a driver safety program can help reduce potential liability risks for your company. Safer drivers are less likely to be involved in accidents that damage other vehicles or injure themselves and other drivers.

A single accident caused by your company driver could result in an expensive and time-consuming lawsuit that takes months or even years to resolve in court. However, a good driver safety program can help reduce that possibility and ensure that your business is protected for the long-term.

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