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Written by Adam Miller
How Safe Are Your Commercial Vehicles?

For certain businesses, commercial vehicles are their main way to make deliveries, complete service calls, or transport parts and materials. When vehicles are damaged or unreliable, then it can create major problems and delays for business owners.

Companies with commercial vehicles or delivery vans need to consider how safe their vehicles are during all hours of the day to ensure their daily operations run smoothly. In today's Aegis blog post, we'll examine three of the most common issues business owners face with their service vehicles and how they can keep their fleet safer.

Stolen Tools or Inventory

The most common problem facing commercial vehicle owners is the constant threat of stolen inventory or specialized tools and machinery. For example, thieves may target a HVAC contractor truck for their most valuable tools or materials, or an alcohol vendor could have beer or wine inventory stolen from trucks.

The loss of tools and inventory can have an immediate ripple effect as it can leave businesses unable to fulfill delivery orders or complete service calls, leaving behind angry customers and the loss of revenue.

Vehicle Theft

A growing issue for businesses is the theft of delivery vehicles and service trucks, as well as the theft of their parts. Thieves will often target trucks, service vans, or equipment trailers to either sell them for parts or for their own personal use.

In addition, catalytic converter theft is at an all-time high as thieves target them for their valuable metal components to sell at scrapyards and metal recyclers. Replacing a catalytic converter can cost businesses valuable time and money as well as hindering their daily operations.

Poor Maintenance

Finally, poor maintenance can be an issue that slows down businesses such as restaurants, retailers, and contractors that rely on vehicles for deliveries and service calls. Older and unmaintained vehicles are more likely to stall on the road, have poor fuel efficiency, or be involved in vehicle accidents because of broken lights or worn brakes.

Companies need to know that their employees can get to and from places safely and that they can avoid delays caused by vehicle breakdowns or expensive repairs.

How To Keep Vehicles Safer?

To help protect vehicles, tools, and inventory, businesses with service trucks or delivery vans should take proactive steps to keep their vehicles safe from theft and in good working condition.

Here are three helpful ideas:

  1. Keep vehicles locked at all times: Delivery drivers or contractors should be trained to always lock vehicles, even if they're making a quick delivery or service call. It only takes a few seconds for thieves to steal tools, equipment, or inventory, or the vehicle itself if left running with the keys inside.
  2. Park vehicles in secure or brightly lit spaces: Make sure company vehicles are parked in safe places to prevent thieves from stealing vehicles or valuable parts off the truck or van. If possible, keep vehicles in locked garages or secured lots with plenty of lights at night or security cameras or patrols.
  3. Maintain vehicles regularly: When company vans or trucks get regular maintenance, they're more likely to remain in good working condition for much longer, reducing repair costs down the road. Regular maintenance should include fluid flushes, oil changes, and checks for tire pressure and conditions.

Aegis Helps Protect Commercial Vehicles

Aegis Insurance & Financial Services understands the importance of reliable service trucks and delivery vans for contractors, retailers, restaurants, and more. We proudly offer top quality Commercial Auto coverage to protect vehicles and business property from covered losses and damages.

For more information about our Commercial Auto policy options, contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 or fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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