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Three Benefits of Hiring Professional Security for Your Business

As businesses approach the busy holiday season, it can become a stressful time for business owners as they prepare to host holiday parties, welcome an increase in shoppers, and offer a larger amount of merchandise and holiday specials. An important investment for many business owners is the hiring of professional security teams or off-duty police officers to monitor the property and provide extra security during a hectic time. In today's Aegis blog post, we look at three specific benefits that can come from hiring professional security guards or off-duty police officers to improve safety and security on a commercial property.

Improve Customer and Employee Safety

The primary reason it's important to consider hiring off-duty officers or professional security teams to patrol a business during the holidays is that they can keep both customers and employees safer. During the holidays, shoppers and employees may be targeted by thieves, or they could face aggressive, rowdy customers during busy holiday shopping events such as Black Friday sales. Trained and equipped security officers can help with crowd control, dispersing large and unruly crowds, protecting vulnerable shoppers from criminals, breaking up skirmishes between guests, and protecting cashiers and workers from irate customers. They can also help escort shoppers and employees safely to their vehicles in the evening when parking lots may be targeted by thieves.

Reduce Theft and Vandalism Rates

Professional security guards and off-duty police officers can also help businesses by reducing instances of theft and vandalism during the holiday season. Thieves have become more emboldened to attempt quick getaways of big-ticket items in broad daylight, but the presence of armed and trained security officers can be an important deterrent to them committing those crimes. Also, security guards that regularly patrol the perimeter of the property can help reduce possible vehicle break-ins, exterior merchandise theft, or property vandalism that can be costly to the business.

Help Minimize Company Liability and Risks

Finally, an investment in security is a wise one for companies because it can significantly reduce the overall liability risks companies face during the holiday season. For example, an off-duty police officer can help restaurants and bars hosting holiday parties to identify customers who might be too inebriated to drive home, or break up arguments between retail holiday shoppers before they escalate into violence, reducing a company's possible liability risk. Also, professional security guards can help minimize potential liability claims by preventing customers from being robbed or having their vehicles burglarized while on company property. In addition, it is essential to review any contracts with the security vendor to make sure they list the business as an additional insured for liability purposes.

In what looks to be a busy holiday season ahead for restaurants, bars, retailers, and commercial shopping areas, security should be a top priority so customers and employees feel safe and valued. At Aegis Insurance & Financial Services, we're also committed to helping clients feel safe and valued through our full range of Commercial Insurance policies, including Commercial Property, General Liability, Excess Liability, Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, and Liquor Liability Coverage. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 to find out how we can help protect your company this holiday season, or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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