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Four Training Tips to Improve Bar and Restaurant Safety

Restaurants and bars are busier than ever, with many customers returning after time away because of Covid concerns, and others drawn in by major sporting events in football and soccer. With the increase in customers comes an increase in safety concerns, especially for sports bars or restaurants that serve alcohol.

In today's Aegis blog post, we'll examine four training tips for restaurant and bar owners to improve safety for both employees and customers to provide a fun and positive experience for everyone.

Prepare in Advance for Big Events

Bar and restaurant owners have the advantage of being able to prepare in advance for large events such as sports games, company parties, or busy holidays. Good preparation can mean the difference between a safe and welcoming atmosphere for customers and staff, or a hostile and unsafe environment that could escalate into a dangerous situation.

Owners can prepare in advance by ensuring there are enough bartenders, waitstaff, managers, security, and inventory on hand to handle larger than normal crowds, and to minimize any potential issues of overcrowding, overserving, or aggressive customers.

Monitor Your Customers

A key part of improving bar and restaurant safety is regularly checking to make sure no customers are being served alcohol if they're clearly intoxicated, or allowing them to drive when they're clearly impaired. This can prevent tragic accidents or property damage, and reduce potential liability issues that can stem from serving too much alcohol to patrons.

In addition, restaurant and bar owners should be aware of disruptive or hostile customers so they can quickly begin conflict resolution techniques to ensure everyone's safety. This can prevent employees or other customers from being hurt and protect the reputation and overall safety of the business.

Always Watch Entrances

A good preventative measure for any bar or restaurant serving alcohol on busy game days or events is to make sure a manager or well-trained employee is stationed at the front door to identify any underage or disruptive customers, or prevent anyone from entering who is clearly intoxicated already. This can improve the overall safety of your bar or restaurant and also help avoid legal or liability issues that can arise from serving underage or already drunk customers.

Frequently Review Policies and Safety Guidelines

Finally, the best preventative measures your bar or restaurant can take is to establish clear training policies for all staff and then regularly review them to confirm everyone remains compliant. This is especially true for guidelines and laws regarding ID checks, emergency situations, alcohol cut-off procedures, and other safety policies.

Reviewing guidelines and policies on a regular basis ensures that your employees always know how to correctly handle escalations or situations in a safe and proper way. It also confirms that all employees are applying and enforcing policies in a consistent way so there are no gaps in how customers are treated or situations handled.

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