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Written by Adam Miller
Is Your Social Media Activity Putting You At Risk?

Like it or not, social media has completely transformed the way many people across the world live their lives, communicate with others, and do business. It's common to see people sharing nearly every aspect of their day online, but it's important to use good judgment in what you share with the world, or you could find yourself at risk. The focus of today's Aegis blog post is looking at some of the social media activity that can put you, your family, or even your business at risk and what can be done to lower those risks.

Sharing Travel Photos

One of the most common uses for social media is sharing important or beautiful pictures, and this is especially true for travel photos. People love sharing photos from trips to theme parks, beaches, famous landmarks, or other scenic landscapes. The risk that comes with sharing travel photos is that people often post them while they're away from home, which basically advertises that your home is unoccupied at the moment. This can make your home a target for burglary, especially if your social media accounts are public or you use popular social media hashtags. To reduce possible risk, consider posting your travel pictures after you've returned home.

Showing Off New Purchases

Another way social media can make you a target of thieves, robbers, or other individuals with bad intentions is by posting new purchases online, particularly of high-end items. If you decide to splurge by purchasing a luxury vehicle, buying a new high-end watch, or showing off your collection of designer handbags, you could easily become the target of people looking to steal your stuff and pawn it or sell it online. For business owners, you could be at risk for showing off new high-end merchandise if you don't have a good security system to keep it safe. If you want to show friends and family your newest purchases, do so in person and not online. Businesses should promote luxury items for potential customers only if they have a good security system in place to protect it around the clock.

Selling Items Online

Finally, a growing number of people use their social media accounts to connect with others in the hopes of selling things like furniture, cars, clothes, collectibles, shoes, toys, and electronics. While this can be an easier and more lucrative way of selling, as opposed to garage sales or consignment shops, it can come with more risk. For example, some people selling used cars, jewelry, or smartphones through an online marketplace have found themselves victims of robbery, assault, or even murder by having people come to their home to buy, or agreeing to meet in an unsafe location. If you decide to sell anything online, always meet potential buyers in a well-lit public place, preferably a safe zone near a police station.

Social media has changed the landscape of how we do business, share our lives with others, and go about our daily activities, but we should use it with wisdom and caution. To help further reduce risk, consider having your personal property protected through reliable and affordable Personal Insurance coverage from Aegis Insurance & Financial Services. We offer a wide range of Personal Insurance policies, including Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance, RV and Motorcycle Insurance, and Life Insurance. Contact our office today at 713-850-7622 or fill out our online form for a free quote!

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