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Written by Adam Miller
Is Your Home Protected From Winter Weather?

This is the time of year when cold fronts and Arctic weather begin arriving on a regular basis, sometimes bringing with them strong wind gusts, freezing rain, and icy precipitation. Although we might prepare for winter weather by wearing warmer clothes and protecting plants and pets, we can easily overlook the importance of protecting our homes from the effects of winter weather. A single winter storm or Arctic blast can wreak havoc on our homes if we're not prepared, so today's Aegis blog post looks at several ways to protect our homes this winter.

Fireplace Maintenance

When colder weather hits our area, many homeowners start their fireplaces to warm up their home. However, some people find out too late that they have an issue with their fireplace, whether it's smoke and fumes not properly ventilating, or damage to their chimney brick or chimney flue. If you own a fireplace, it should be inspected on an annual basis to ensure it's in proper working order and to prevent possible house fires or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Winterize Sprinkler Systems and Exposed Pipes

Another way homeowners should protect their homes from winter weather is by protecting any exposed pipes and winterizing sprinkler systems. When homes have exposed pipes, water spigots, and sprinkler systems unprotected from winter temperatures, extreme drops in temperature can cause water to quickly expand and burst the pipes. Cracked water pipes can lead to costly damage and repairs for the homeowner, so winter preparation can help save valuable time and money.

Tree Pruning

Finally, proactive tree pruning is an important step in protecting homes from damage during winter weather. Strong winds can lead to broken limbs and branches, which could fall onto rooftops, break windows, or cause other significant property damage. Tree pruning before winter weather arrives can help reduce the risk of tree damage, as well as improving overall tree health and strength.

Winter weather is a welcome change, but it's important to protect your home through simple proactive steps. Another way to protect your home and possessions is through quality Homeowners Insurance with Aegis Insurance & Financial Services. Aegis offers a full range of top quality Personal Insurance policies, including Homeowners, Renter's Insurance, Auto, Umbrella Insurance, Life Insurance, and Flood Insurance. For more information on protecting what matters most, contact our office today at 713-850-7622 or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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