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Will Your Family Be Protected If Disaster Strikes

No matter how safe and responsible your life might be, life can throw us curveballs sometimes, like a sudden car accident, unexpected medical emergency, or devastating house fire. We can only hope that when disaster strikes, we have the support and love of family and friends, as well as the financial means to recover and move forward. In today's Aegis blog post, we look at how individuals and families can be protected if disaster strikes, by choosing essential Personal Insurance policies and other proactive financial decisions.

Car Accidents

In Texas, we rely heavily on our vehicles to get us to and from work, driving kids to school, running important errands, and taking the occasional road trip. Because we have so many drivers on the roadways, car accidents are an inevitability. Unfortunately, even a minor car accident could cause thousands of dollars in damages, liability claims, and medical expenses for you and the other drivers involved. If you cause an accident, or are hit or injured by an uninsured driver, you could face thousands of dollars in medical and liability expenses. With the right kind of Auto Insurance, individuals and families can get the financial protection they need when they're involved in an auto accident so they can recover and move on.

Property Damage and Loss

Disaster can strike us where it hurts most – our homes and apartments. In an instant, a fire, flood, or other catastrophe can leave people with no place to live, as well as the grief and expense that comes with having personal possessions damaged or destroyed. With Homeowners Insurance in place, individuals and families can have the financial help needed to repair their damaged home for covered events, and Homeowners and Renters Insurance can both help people with the cost of repairing or replacing lost or damaged personal property covered under their policy. Without good Homeowners or Renters Insurance protections, people can be left with nothing and face the hardship of replacing everything out of their own pocket, such as appliances, electronics, tools, clothing, and other personal property.

Medical Emergencies

We all understand that medical emergencies can occur at any time, but Covid-19 has shined a spotlight on the importance of having insurance and financial decisions ready if a medical disaster strikes a loved one. In particular, families significantly impacted by Covid-19 have discovered, sometimes too late, the importance of having Life Insurance in place, as well as a Will, Medical Directives, Power of Attorney, and Estate Planning created. Without these proactive financial steps in place, a sudden medical emergency can leave family members and other relatives in limbo as they scramble to figure out access to funds, expenses, medical bills, instructions for care, and even last wishes and funeral arrangements. In many ways, having Life Insurance, a Will, Medical Directives, and other end-of-life instructions created well in advance can be a gift to relatives since it allows them to fully focus on their loved one and their grief without having to make major financial and medical decisions at the last minute.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made many people reflect on the importance of life and making sure we are taking steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones. This should also include ensuring that we have financial decisions made well in advance for us and our loved ones, including Life Insurance, a Will, Estate Planning, and Medical Directives, as well as having quality, ample Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Renters Insurance. For more information about the full range of Personal Insurance policies offered by Aegis Insurance & Financial Services, contact our office at 713-850-7622 or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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