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Written by Adam Miller
Why Your Business Needs Commercial Property Insurance

Houston business owners know that a successful company is more than just a product or service. It's a combination of important components such as an office or warehouse, employees, outdoor signs, beautiful landscaping and trees, equipment, company vehicles, inventory, and furniture. Businesses often utilize all these assets in order to achieve maximum productivity and value. When these assets are threatened or damaged, it can put business owners in a dire financial situation as the replacement and repair costs can be astronomical. Ultimately, businesses need quality Commercial Property Insurance to protect their full range of assets to ensure that any kind of problem or damage does not completely jeopardize the financial stability and future of the company. In today's blog post, we'll look at three important reasons why Houston businesses need quality Commercial Property Insurance.

Accidents Can Happen At Any Time

The unfortunate reality for business owners is that accidents or damages can happen at any time, and these can be caused by a variety of internal or external sources. For example, business owners may find themselves facing thousands of dollars in damages due to a driver crashing their car into a front window, or a tree falling onto their outside signage due to heavy winds. In addition, thieves can steal valuable electronics, tools, and inventory, causing thousands in lost revenue and replacement costs. A typical Business Owners Policy usually only covers damages to the structure, and not damages to the assets inside or outside of the structure.

High Repair and Replacement Costs

Even a small incident can cause tens of thousands in repairs or replacement costs for business owners, especially if valuable tools, specialized machinery, inventory, or critical computer systems are damaged or stolen. Without Commercial Property Insurance in place, businesses can face financial ruin attempting to cover the costs of repairs or replacement out of pocket. This is especially true for businesses with custom-made equipment or complex products that are time-consuming to produce and hard to quickly replace.

Avoid Lengthy Shutdowns

Lengthy company shutdowns often occur when disaster strikes and business owners lack the financial protection that comes from Commercial Property Insurance. This is especially true if the business has to shut down for a long period of time because business owners do not have the liquid assets available to immediately cover all costs of replacement or repairs. The loss of revenue and customers may be too much for the business owners, and they may face bankruptcy or closure due to these high losses. In addition, some businesses with narrow profit margins may suffer from even brief closures due to the loss of inventory, electronic equipment, or company tools.

Because of the unpredictability of owning a business, companies can do their part to protect all business assets inside and out with Commercial Property Insurance. Commercial Property Insurance, in conjunction with Business Owners Policy and Commercial Auto coverage, can ensure that Houston business owners have the comprehensive and top quality insurance protection needed to recover from any kind of damages or accident. Contact Aegis at 713-850-7622 today to talk to our team of experienced and friendly insurance agents about our full line of Commercial Insurance solutions, or go online to request a free quote.

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