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Why Professional Tree Maintenance Is Good For Business

When you have a commercial property, it's important that the property be welcoming, appealing, and safe for customers and employees. Trees play an important role on commercial properties from restaurants to retail stores, so their care should be a priority for business owners. In today's Aegis blog post, we'll explain why professional tree care is good for business and the difference it can make.

Increased Property Safety

The biggest advantage that comes with regular, professional tree care is that your commercial property is safer for customers, employees, vendors, and anyone else on your commercial site. This can significantly decrease liability risks from accidents, injuries, or property damage related to falling branches or toppled trees, as well as possible Workers Compensation claims. Professional tree care maintenance can also help prune trees from power lines to help avoid power outages and costly business closures.

Enhanced Property Aesthetics

Another benefit to regular tree care maintenance is that it can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic of a commercial property. Well-maintained, healthy shade trees can add color, beauty, and tranquility to a property, and can also help increase the value to the community at large. Employees and visitors may greatly appreciate the added shade provided in the parking areas, especially in summer months. In addition, healthy trees can also increase the overall property value of a commercial site, particularly for restaurants, cafes, shopping and retail centers, as well as medical offices and other professional buildings.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Finally, healthy trees on a commercial site can help lower yearly maintenance costs, not just for tree maintenance, but also utility costs. When trees are cared for by tree care professionals, they are more likely to be stable and capable of surviving conditions such as drought, insect infestations, or tree diseases. Having healthy trees means business owners are less likely to have to pay for costly tree removal and replacement services. In addition, large shade trees can increase privacy, reduce noise pollution, and increase valuable shade that helps cool commercial buildings and reduces utility costs.

Trees are an important part of a commercial property, and should be protected like commercial assets, equipment, and company vehicles. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is committed to helping companies protect everything that matters through our full range of Commercial Insurance products. We offer customized insurance solutions that are tailored to specific industries and that meet unique company needs. Contact our office at 713-850-7622 for more information, or fill out our online form for more information.

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