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What Kind Of Viral Video Would Your Business Have?

More effective than a television, radio, print, or Internet ad, viral videos can instantly boost the profile of a business or business owner as it spreads online and is shared by thousands or millions of viewers. While some business viral videos might highlight the skills of a kind retail employee or talented restaurant chef, others might capture a waiter's rude customer service or unsafe contractor. The real question for business owners is: what kind of viral video would your business have? In today's Aegis blog post, we look at three areas to consider reviewing on a regular basis to ensure your business is always performing at its best while also reducing possible liability issues.

Safe Business Practices

One way to ensure any viral videos of your business or employees are positive ones is to promote safe business practices at all times. For restaurant owners, this would mean ensuring that all kitchen staff abide by all kitchen safety and health code rules, and that wait staff handle all food and drinks in a safe manner. For a retail owner, this might mean ensuring employee do not lift or move merchandise or materials in an unsafe way or handle products carelessly. By encouraging safe business practices, you help ensure that any video captured of your business or employees shows compliance and safety, and not violations or liability risks.

High Quality Performance and Products

Another way businesses can go viral in a positive way is if your company or business produces a high quality product, or performs a service in a new or innovative way. When your product or service works as advertised or better than advertised, people will be far more likely to capture it on video and share that news with others. Likewise, if you produce an inferior or unsafe product, your business will go viral in a negative way, hurting sales and possibly leading to liability issues.

Customer Service

Finally, customer service can make or break a company, so when customers have excellent service at a restaurant, retail store, auto repair shop, bakery, or any other kind of commercial business, they might capture it on video in the hopes of giving the business positive feedback. Conversely, if a waiter is captured on video being hostile or rude to a customer, or a retail employee discriminates against a patron, that video will go viral in a negative way, hurting the business for the foreseeable future. In addition, a viral video of bad customer service could be used as evidence in a lawsuit or other liability claim.

If you found out your business was trending because of a viral video, would it be more likely because of good customer service and exceptional work, or because of poor employee behavior or unprofessional practices? Good, thorough, and consistent training with your team can help ensure that your business is always demonstrating courtesy, quality, and professionalism at all times. In addition, it can help reduce liability risks.

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