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Written by Adam Miller
Wearing Masks Helps More Than Just Public Health

As the country continues to reopen after months of Covid-19 closures and quarantines, infection rates have skyrocketed in states and cities where people have ignored CDC recommendations such as social distancing and wearing masks while out and about. While some have complained about mask discomfort, infringement of liberties, and concerns about breathability, countless studies and countries have proven that mask wearing can be an effective tool in combating the spread of the virus.

It's important to remember that wearing masks can help our country's recovery in various ways besides just improving public health. In today's Aegis blog, we look at some of the other benefits that can come when we do our part and wear masks when out in public.

Businesses Can Remain Open

Businesses of all industries have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly restaurants and retailers, and recovering financially has been an uphill battle for these companies. What makes it even harder for businesses is when they must shut down again due to employees or customers being exposed to Covid-19 since they have to disinfect the business and test employees. Wearing masks on a regular basis when outside the home reduces the chance of the virus spreading in businesses that desperately want to stay open. Doing our part can help companies stay afloat, protect jobs, and stabilize our economy.

Essential Workers Get Needed Rest

Covid-19 has impacted hundreds of thousands of people who have contracted the virus, but also the millions of essential workers across the country who have helped care for the sick or operated essential businesses such as grocery stores or pharmacies. They've worked tireless hours and are exposed to high numbers of people, so wearing masks can help decrease the spread of Covid-19 and give these essential workers the rest and mental health break they desperately need. Overworked and exhausted workers are more likely to suffer accidents or injuries on the job, which can also hinder business recoveries.

Schools Can Safely Reopen This Fall

Finally, as schools closed this past spring due to the spread of Covid-19, parents across the country quickly discovered the challenges of transitioning to online classrooms and distance learning. Many students (and their parents) experienced the struggle of time management, a lack of resources, frustration with technology, and the difficulty of losing social interactions with friends. Wearing masks can help slow the spread of Covid-19 and give districts, parents, and teachers the peace of mind needed to safely reopen this fall, otherwise parents may have to return to online teaching.

Shutting down businesses to stop the spread of Covid-19 was a difficult decision, and one that impacted businesses across the country. However, wearing a mask to help stop the spread now is an easy decision in terms of how much positive impact it can now have on our country's recovery and growth. For those who are unable to or unwilling to wear a mask, then the simple choice is to stay home and rely on delivery or curbside services for everyday needs.

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