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Written by Adam Miller
Ways To Protect Your Business From Metal Theft

A large number of Houston area businesses, offices, and schools have found themselves victims of a theft growing in popularity among criminals, which is stealing valuable metals. Thieves will often strike at night and make off with copper and aluminum components from air conditioning units, manufacturing plants, or construction sites to sell to scrap metal recyclers. Metal thieves can cause thousands of dollars in damages, repair costs, and property and inventory loss for property owners, as well as revenue losses while repairs are made. These thieves do not discriminate among industries, as they will strike restaurants, retail shops, office parks, schools, auto repair shops, and professional contractors. In today's blog post, we'll look at four ways businesses can be better protected against metal theft.

Install Cameras and Lights

One of the biggest deterrents against metal theft is the installation and use of security camera systems and security lighting around the perimeter of the business or property. Security cameras can help scare away potential thieves, and aid in the identification and capture of thieves that do strike a business. Security lighting can also help make areas of a commercial property more prominent so that thieves do not have a dark place to hide when attempting to steal valuable metals.

Secure Metals Behind Locked Doors

Repair shops, contractors, manufacturers, and construction sites can reduce metal theft metal theft by securing valuable metals, equipment, and components behind secured or locked doors. Too many businesses solely rely on perimeter fences to protect their valuable metals and components, not realizing that metal thieves are persistent, fast, and creative when it comes to stealing high-value metals.

Limit Door, Window and Rooftop Access

Metal thieves will often target businesses and buildings with unsecured rooftops, doorways, and windows for quick and easy access to air conditioning units and other utility areas where copper and aluminum parts may be found. Businesses can protect their property and reduce damages by limiting rooftop access through locked ladder areas, security bars on windows, and enhanced locks on exterior doors.

Add Metal Cages To Ground Level Utility Areas

A growing security feature popular with businesses, apartment complexes, and office parks is to secure utility areas and ground-level air conditioning units with small locked metal cages to deter metal thieves. These locked metal cages can allow for proper functionality and airflow while also protecting high-value copper and aluminum wiring and components.

Businesses should not have to worry about losing revenue, inventory and customers due to losses and damages caused by metal thieves. These simple steps can go a long way in proactively protecting the assets and future of the business. Another important step in protecting businesses is strategic and tailored commercial insurance coverage from Aegis. The Commercial Insurance team of Aegis can provide a comprehensive review of your business's insurance needs, possible coverage gaps, and potential discounts through bundling policies together. Aegis offers a wide variety of insurance coverage solutions for businesses of all industries, including restaurants, farms and ranches, retail shops, professional contractors, and HVAC and plumbing repair businesses. Contact Aegis at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online to request a free quote today!

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