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Written by Adam Miller
Training Employees To Avoid Cyber Fraud

Cyber Fraud is one of the fast-growing crimes in the world, with thousands of businesses and individuals impacted every single day. Cyber criminals are in the business of stealing data and gaining access to valuable information, whether it's personal records, financial transactions, sensitive company files, or even medical history.

For businesses, protecting sensitive information is a two-step process: the first step is ensuring the company's email and network are secure from hackers, and sensitive company information is backed up offsite. The second crucial step is to make sure all company employees are well trained on how to avoid falling for a cyber scam. Technology protection is useless if employees aren't taught how to avoid cyber scams and keep the company safe from hackers. Today's blog post looks at three ways companies can better train employees to avoid cyber fraud.

Never Open Phishing Emails

Although a company can set up email networks to detect spam messages, some cyber criminals excel at creating phishing emails that appear very authentic and can pass through a network's basic email security system. Companies should train employees on how to avoid cyber scams by providing examples of phishing emails that could fool employees into disclosing passwords, providing restricted access, sharing sensitive company information, or transferring funds.

Teach employees that if the email is asking for information that would normally not be sent through email, do not provide the information, but instead flag the email as suspicious and send it to both the IT department and a supervisor for further review. In addition, employees should be reminded to never open a website link sent from someone they do not know, or it could install malware or other harmful programs on the computer or entire network.  These dangerous programs could hinder productivity, lock down company access, or even force a company shut down, causing both customer and revenue losses

Secure Company Computers and Laptops

Make sure employees never leave passwords or user IDs on their computer or monitor for others to view. While most cyber criminals prefer to access information online, they could also target a business or company office to steal sensitive information. Also make sure all employees lock their computers when they step away from their desk, and set network computers to lock automatically when a user is away for more than 10 minutes. This prevents thieves or visitors from viewing or accessing sensitive information as they walk by an empty cubicle or office. Additionally, this step can also prevent current or recently terminated employees from sending inappropriate emails from someone else's computer or trying to sabotage or steal company files before they leave the premises.

Restrict Smartphone and Tablet Usage

Although a growing number of businesses and employees rely on company smartphones and tablets to perform work functions, like checking email and opening programs, this can also make companies vulnerable when these devices are used on unsecure Wi-Fi networks or in public areas. These devices can easily be compromised, lost, or stolen, so it is much safer to have employees remotely access company information through a secure company network. Additionally, it may be better to have a limited amount of company information accessible through smartphones or tablets to reduce the likelihood of compromised access.

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