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Written by Adam Miller
Individuals and families in need of insurance coverage should always avoid buying direct or online, and instead contact InsurTexas for custom insurance solutions for your unique needs.

The Internet allows consumers to purchase pretty much anything online, such as clothes, cars, food, and even houses. We buy more and more things online because it's often faster and less expensive than purchasing it ourselves in a store. However, insurance is one of the few items that should not be purchased online, and in today's blog post, we'll look at the top three reasons why it's best to avoid buying insurance direct.

It Can Cost More To Buy Online

One of the biggest misconceptions about buying insurance online is that it offers lower prices for consumers. While consumers can quickly get a quote online directly from an insurance company, these quotes are not necessarily the most affordable options available. Customers that purchase insurance online often pay higher insurance premiums than when dealing with an insurance agent or agency. Insurance agents can help clients secure additional savings through specific insurance discounts from college alumni associations, company discounts, and bundled policies. Consumers will not hear about these discounts when buying direct from an insurance company online. Insurance agents are able to secure lower pricing and are trained to find the right policy for their customer, ensuring adequate coverage.

Poor Customer Service

When buying insurance direct online, clients can quickly become irritated by the online application process or become confused by the options available. Call centers can also be a source of frustration for customers trying to buy insurance over the phone as the call center agent may only have a limited knowledge of the insurance options available. This means customers may get bounced around the phone system for a long period of time waiting for assistance. Clients can get prompt answers to a wide variety of questions when dealing with an insurance agent that has a thorough understanding of available policies.

No Real Peace of Mind

Individuals that choose to purchase insurance online have no real assurance that the policy selected works for their unique needs. They may lack peace of mind that their new coverage will protect them if disaster strikes. Alternatively, insurance agents have in-depth understanding of the policies available, as well as the coverage and exclusions involved with each one. This gives customers peace of mind that they can have the prompt insurance help they need when disaster strikes.

For a better insurance buying experience, contact the insurance experts at Aegis. Aegis is a Houston-based insurance agency focused on providing comprehensive and affordable insurance solutions all with top-notch customer service. Aegis offers a full range of insurance policy coverage, including Homeowners, Renters, Auto, Motorcycle, RV, Life Insurance and Commercial Business coverage. Go online to request additional information, or contact the friendly and knowledgeable agents today at 713-850-7622 today.

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