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Written by Adam Miller
The Top Three New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

Celebrating the New Year is a fun and memorable event, but it's crucial to be safe and make smart choices when celebrating, whether at home or out with friends. New Year's is one of the most dangerous and deadly holidays for Houstonians, so today's blog post will focus on three safety tips to ensure a safer New Year's Eve celebration for you, your family, and your friends.

Handle Fireworks With Caution

Fireworks are a leading cause of accidents and injuries requiring medical attention on New Year's Eve. Every year, hundreds of children and adults visit emergency rooms and urgent care facilities due to burns, damaged hands, or missing digits caused by reckless use of fireworks. If you live in an area of Houston that allows fireworks, designate a safe and responsible adult to handle all fireworks, and keep them away from young children. In addition, make sure fireworks are used as intended, and are not aimed at individuals, property, or trees.  This proactive safety step can prevent most kinds of fireworks accidents or tragic deaths.

Make A Plan

If your New Year's Eve celebration will likely include alcohol, then make a proactive plan to designate a sober driver to prevent drunk driving, either for yourself or your guests. This will significantly reduce the chances of a serious or fatal car accident.  In addition, many hotels offer fun New Year's Eve parties, so consider booking a hotel room to sleep in after an evening of drinking and celebrating. If you're hosting a New Year's party with friends and family, offer guests a place to sleep to avoid them driving while impaired.

Stay Off The Roads

Due to the higher number of intoxicated or sleep-deprived drivers on the road during the New Year's holiday, it is much safer for you and your family to stay off the road if possible, both during the day and evening. If you plan to celebrate New Year's at home with your family, shop a few days early for groceries and party supplies so you can avoid freeways and busy roads on New Year's Eve.

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