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Written by Adam Miller
Tips and Techniques For Hiring The Right Employees

Every company needs employees to operate and grow their business, but it can be struggle for business managers and hiring departments to find the right employee for the job. Job websites and recruiting services are popular ways to fill job openings, but those can take a lot of time and money, and don't always give great insight on a candidate's true experience, career goals, or work ethic. In today's Aegis blog post, we offer some helpful tips and techniques for finding the right employees to help your company thrive.

Offer Telecommuting Options

Technology has made it easier than ever for people to do their work from home, but yet many companies don't offer true telecommuting positions for their employees. As a result, some great job candidates might turn down a position because they would face long commutes or might have to relocate for a job. When companies offer telecommuting options, they can expand their pool of candidates and are more likely to hire a person who is a perfect fit for an open position.

Partner With Local Colleges

Colleges are one of the best resources for companies looking to hire eager and hardworking employees for their job openings. Many colleges and universities offer career centers that help match current or graduating students with hiring companies at job fairs, or through internships and co-op opportunities. Hiring recent college graduates means companies are gaining employees that can be trained immediately and will have fewer salary or benefit requirements as well.

Provide Detailed Job Descriptions

Companies can also improve their chances of hiring the right people for job openings simply by creating more detailed job descriptions. This ensures that applicants have a full understanding of all job duties and daily tasks, and hiring managers can make sure candidates have the experience or skill set to complete them well.  This reduces the chance of hiring someone who is not a good fit or lacks the specific skill set needed to perform the job safely or correctly

Utilize Networking Groups and Social Media

Finally, nearly all companies and applicants have some sort of online or social media presence, so it's important to utilize those networks to find the right people for company openings. Companies can share job openings on their own social media accounts, as well as within community or industry-specific social media groups.  Companies can also encourage existing employees to share job openings on their own personal social media pages to expand the pool of possible applicants. 

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