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Three Ways Technology Tools Can Boost Workplace Safety

Over the last two years, labor shortages and supply chain delays have impacted workplace safety in construction sites, warehouses, contractor jobs, and other labor-intensive jobs. As a result, some companies have seen an uptick in worker injuries and worksite accidents, leading to costly delays and losses.

Investing in technology strengthens your business by preserving productivity and reducing worker liability claims or employee absences. Learn three ways technology tools can enhance safety both for your employees and worksite.

Improved Project Management

If your business functions include regular projects and large-scale operations, then having a good project management software system may help boost overall workplace safety. Project management software can help your company create better employee schedules that juggle employee availability with project timelines, deliveries, and tasks.

This type of software can improve safety by ensuring there are always workers on hand to monitor high-risk operations or equipment. It may also be used to track employee time to reduce worker fatigue, which can also cause injuries or accidents.

Enhanced Employee Safety

Technology improvements aren't limited to machines and production lines – they can also improve the physical safety of your workforce. Technology tools now allow employees and their managers to utilize personal devices, such as cameras and sensors, to monitor worksite conditions.

Onsite cameras can help construction or project supervisors identify dangerous or unstable areas of a worksite to prevent a collapse or worker injury. Sensors can detect higher levels of gas or other dangerous chemicals to prevent a leak or explosion.

If your company uses delivery vans or service trucks, GPS and telemetry systems can also protect company drivers from accidents or injuries. GPS systems can navigate their routes in advance to discourage cell phone use while driving, and telemetry systems can detect unsafe driving patterns or monitor driving hours to prevent driver fatigue.

Reduce Property Theft or Vandalism

Finally, business property theft and vandalism are a growing problem in commercial or construction areas, but proactive steps can prevent losses or employee injuries. Digital video monitoring systems may deter thieves and vandals entering your commercial property since the technology can clearly identify their faces or vehicles with greater accuracy.

Motion sensors and property lighting can also lead to a decrease in the theft of materials, tools, equipment, vehicles, or employee personal property. Employees may put themselves at risk trying to prevent property theft, but good camera systems and motion detectors may help prevent theft and losses before they occur.

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