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Written by Adam Miller
Three Ways To Reduce Slips and Falls On Company Property

Risk exists for companies of all sizes and across all industries, whether it's financial risk, property risks, or physical risks. The key for businesses is reducing those risks whenever possible to ensure a safe workplace for employees, customers, and visitors. One of the most common risks a company can face comes from slips and falls, which can lead to substantial liability issues for business owners. Today's Aegis blog post looks at three ways to reduce slips and falls on your company property.

Improve Floor Surfaces

One of the most common reasons why people slip and fall in or near commercial buildings is because the surfaces themselves can be unsafe, either because they are uneven, are cracked, or become incredibly slippery due to waxing or moisture. To correct this problem, business owners can have uneven or cracked floors repaired to prevent dangerous trips, slips, and falls on the site. In addition, companies can have floors waxed less frequently to prevent slippery surfaces from injuring people, post warning signs, and also have floor mats added in areas that tend to accumulate moisture, such as entrances, exits, and other damp areas.

Add More Lighting

Often, people will trip and fall on a commercial property because the area where they're walking is poorly lit, especially at night. As a result, employees, customers, and visitors may injure themselves in hallways, parking lots, garages, entrances and exits, stairwells, and other walking areas. The simplest solution is to install more lights throughout the interior and exterior of the property, which can reduce both injuries as well as theft by illuminating the entire commercial site.

Eliminate Tripping Hazards

Finally, businesses can accumulate a lot of company assets, equipment, and materials over time, and storing these improperly can lead to tripping hazards. For example, computer cables can be a tripping hazard for employees, customers, and company vendors as they move around the office complex. In addition, an overflow of inventory might be stored in boxes stacked in hallways, creating safety hazards for people trying to walk by. Tripping hazards can also be found outside the property in the form of overgrown plants or expanding tree roots that block sidewalks and other walking areas. Companies can improve safety by clearing walkways for people, whether it's hallways, sidewalks, or warehouses.

When safety is a priority for businesses, people are safer and liability risks are decreased significantly. Another way businesses can protect themselves from liability risks is to secure quality Commercial Insurance from Aegis Insurance & Financial Services. Aegis is pleased to offer companies across the Gulf Coast region a full range of reliable, comprehensive commercial insurance solutions, all tailored to specific industries at competitive rates. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or fill out our online form to receive a free quote!

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