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Written by Adam Miller
Three Ways To Reduce Driver Distractions

If you've driven a car any time recently, you may have noticed the growing problem of distracted drivers on streets and busy freeways. You might have had to honk at someone veering into your lane while they're texting, or you might have quickly slammed on your brakes because of distractions in your own car.

Distracted driving has quickly become one of the leading causes of accidents, injuries, and car deaths in the country, as drivers have become far less focused on their driving and safe handling of their vehicles. The goal of today's Aegis blog post is to help drivers become safer and more focused by reducing driver distractions, whether driving their personal vehicles or company vehicles.

Put The Phone Away

By far, the leading cause of driver distractions in the U.S. is our phones. Whether you own the latest smartphone or a simple flip phone, mobile phones can easily become a distraction if it's within easy reach. To avoid the temptation of texting, talking, scrolling, or searching with your phone, consider keeping it put away inside your car's center console, or inside a purse or backpack. If you absolutely must take a call or send a text when you're in the car, first safely exit the roadway and pull into a parking lot or other location to take the call or respond to a text.

Map Your Location Early

One of the other causes of distracted driving is confusion about driving directions. When people are lost or confused behind the wheel, they're more likely to be distracted and get into accidents as they scan around to find their destination or to read street or business signs. In their confusion, they might not notice the traffic jam they're approaching, a stop sign or red light, or children riding bikes onto a street. By mapping your location and studying your route before you leave, you're far less likely to get lost or distracted behind the wheel.

Keep Distracting Passengers Busy

Sometimes we can be focused drivers, but we have passengers that unknowingly cause distractions for us. This might be a chatty coworker, a fussy child, or even a canine companion that moves around too much while in the car. To reduce distractions and increase safety, consider keeping these distracting passengers preoccupied by having coworkers be your driving navigators, bringing books or snacks for children, and securing dogs or other pets in carriers while the car is in operation.

Driving is a major part of life in Texas, but it's important that we are safe and responsible drivers at all times for us, our passengers, our commercial and personal vehicles, and other drivers on the roadways. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is committed to helping protect drivers by providing top quality, reliable Personal Auto and Commercial Auto coverage. Contact our Aegis office today at 713-850-7622 for more information or fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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