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Three Ways Customer Data Can Help Boost Sales

Businesses of all industries gather types of data from their customers, whether it's an email, phone number, customer order, location, or birthday. However, if you're simply gathering customer data but not using it in an effective way, you could be missing out on opportunities to bring in new and repeat customers and increase revenue.

In today's Aegis blog post, discover three ways that standard customer data can help you boost foot traffic to your business and boost sales.

Targeted Marketing and Messaging

Your company probably has many ways to gather data from your customers, such as a sales receipt, email list, smartphone app, social media connection, website, or loyalty program. All of these provide your business with a way to directly market and message your customers in engaging ways.

For example, your restaurant might use social media to share messages to followers promoting exclusive deals or highlighting new menu items. Messages can be targeted to reflect specific groups within a community, such as parents with young kids, or they can be centered around upcoming events or seasonal holidays.

Custom Promotions

When your customers provide you with more specific information, such as their birthdate or anniversary, you can use this information to send them custom promotions or coupons valid for their celebration month. Tailored discounts are highly effective in getting customers to return in order to redeem their freebie, but they're also more likely to generate positive word of mouth and social media interactions.

Tailored coupons and freebies are a smart way to boost sales because these typically don't cost your business anything unless the customer actually comes back to redeem it. Customers generally will spend more money than their free item or discount was worth, especially if it's tied to a celebratory event like a birthday or anniversary.

Menu, Service, or Product Improvements

Whether your business is a restaurant, retail store, or a service provider, your customer data can help you make improvements that have a positive financial impact for your company. Customer data can show a retailer which clothing colors and sizes are selling better than others, or a bar could discover that limited-time beers or seasonal cocktails are big sellers and should become permanent menu items.

Customer data can be incredibly valuable to your business, and the information can be used to improve your business and the overall experience for your customers, too.

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