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Three Types of Building Maintenance That Strengthens Your Company’s Reputation

People will pass judgment quickly on your business simply by how the building looks inside or outside. Your company should always project the best possible image to make a positive impression with customers and vendors, and not one that discourages them from returning.

In today's Aegis blog post, learn three types of commercial building maintenance that can strengthen your company's reputation and encourage return visitors.

Functioning Signage and Lights

One of the most obvious ways your business property can make a positive impression is to have all your signage and lights working properly. Few things stick out on a commercial property more than a blinking or broken neon sign or outside light.

Customers want to be assured that when they drive to your property, that your signs will be lit and working to help them find your business. When they step foot on your property, they should feel that they'll be safe and are entering a well-lit and secure parking lot or entrance.

A broken neon sign or malfunctioning outside lights can make customers nervous that you're not cautious or professional inside, which matters even more if you own a restaurant, medical office, or some other business where attention to detail matters.

Pest Control and Cleaning

Your business reputation can also be strengthened by having regular and thorough pest control and deep cleaning around your property. In addition to complying with local health code ordinances, you want to preserve your business reputation by offering a spotless business inside and out.

For example, when visitors or vendors are at your restaurant, you don't want their visit to be ruined at the sight of a rodent or insect in the kitchen or dining room. Your retail store or professional office should offer customers and employees clean restrooms that are well maintained and inspected throughout the day, and floors should be clean and free from debris or liquids to prevent accidents or slips.

When your business takes these extra steps to improve maintenance and pest control, your customers and employees will take notice and tell others about how clean and professional your business is, encouraging more foot traffic and positive word of mouth.

Exterior Maintenance

Finally, your business should have a beautiful exterior to welcome in customers, employees, and vendors when they arrive on your property. Landscaping and tree care should be done on a regular basis so people aren't greeted by overgrown grass and tall weeds, and trees should be pruned so overgrown branches don't fall down onto vehicles or reduce visibility in parking areas.

Aegis Helps Protect Your Commercial Properties

Your business deserves to look its best at all times, but you also need financial protection in case disaster strikes your company. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services proudly offers a full range of Commercial Insurance policies designed to help your business with losses or damages stemming from covered events.

Our team of Commercial Insurance agents can evaluate your business risks, identify gaps in coverage, and develop an insurance portfolio that protects your company and employees. If your business has outdoor signage damaged by a storm, injured workers that slipped on wet floors, or a tree that caused damage to a customer vehicle, commercial insurance coverage from Aegis can help.

Contact our team today at 713-850-7622 to learn more information about business insurance in Texas, or fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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