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Written by Adam Miller

We can make improvements or repairs to a variety of things: our physical health, our homes, our jobs, our skill set, or our business. However, some things simply break down over time and can't be improved or repaired without significant cost or effort. Our cars and trucks are prime examples of this. As much as we might love our family van, company car, work truck, muscle car, service vehicle, or RV, over time they can reach a point where they can't easily be repaired, and need to be replaced instead. In today's Aegis blog post, we look at three signs that you need to replace your vehicle, whether it's your own personal vehicle or a commercial van or truck.

Constant Repairs

One of the most obvious signs that a vehicle needs to be replaced is that it requires constant repairs and replacement parts just to run, much less run well or safely. A personal or commercial vehicle that needs constant repairs and service maintenance will quickly become a logistical and financial nightmare for owners, as the cost of delays, parts, and labor will quickly add up. It can cause annoying delays or dilemmas for drivers, and can even lead to the loss of revenue or customers for businesses that need reliable service or fleet vehicles.

Poor Mileage

Another indicator that a personal or commercial vehicle may be nearing its end is that it starts getting very poor gas mileage. In addition to the growing expense of burning through more and more fuel, poor mileage can be an indicator of a much larger and more expensive issue. A vehicle with poor mileage also contributes more carbon emissions into the air, hurting air quality. In addition, a car with poor mileage and engine or exhaust issues is far less likely to pass vehicle inspection tests, adding unnecessary time, stress, and expense to vehicle owners.

Unsafe For Drivers and Passengers

When a car, truck, or van becomes unsafe for drivers and passengers, it may become necessary to take it off the road and get a reliable and safe replacement. Over time, vehicles can experience issues with the engine or transmission, electrical components, gauges, steering, brakes, or safety features. If one of these issues occurs, it may be fixable, but if a car or truck is failing in multiple areas, then it can jeopardize the safety of drivers, passengers, and even nearby drivers. For example, if the engine seizes up and stops on a regular basis, this can be a serious roadway hazard. In addition, if the wipers, brake lights, and gauges all begin to malfunction because of electrical issues, drivers may be at risk of getting into an accident or a traffic violation from law enforcement.

Vehicles are a crucial part of life in Texas, whether it's a truck for personal use, or a car or van for commercial use. It's important that the vehicles we use on a daily basis are safe and reliable so we can accomplish all that we need to without jeopardizing personal safety or risking property damage. Aegis is committed to helping vehicle owners get the quality Personal or Commercial Auto Insurance needed to protect vehicles in the event of an accident, personal injury, or property damage. Contact Aegis at 713-850-622 for more information, or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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