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Written by Adam Miller
Three Reasons Why Older Drivers Benefit From Newer Vehicles

Baby Boomers represent a large percentage of drivers on U.S. roadways. In fact, there are more drivers over the age of 70 than ever before. Due to the increase in older drivers, the topic of driving safety for senior citizens has become a hot-button topic within many families. One of the biggest factors in senior driver safety comes in regards to the type vehicle they're driving. In today's blog post, we'll discuss three specific reasons why older drivers benefit from newer vehicles.

Prefer Driving Larger Vehicles

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, drivers in retirement age tend to prefer vehicles that are larger and heavier, making them more stable in the event of an car accident. Trucks, minivans, SUVs and crossover vehicles are very popular within the Baby Boomer generation, and the fatality rates for senior drivers have fallen significantly because of their preference for newer, larger vehicles over older, compact vehicles. Their vehicles are far less likely to be totaled in a collision, or rollover in an accident.

Better Interior Safety Features

One of the biggest advantages for senior-age drivers in choosing newer vehicles is the improved interior safety features included. In particular, older drivers benefit tremendously from side-impact airbags, which are now standard in many types of newer vehicle models. This reduces the likelihood of hip, head, arm and leg injuries, which involve much longer recovery times for senior drivers. In addition, newer vehicles also offer more height and positioning options, improving overall driver comfort and visibility.

Improved Vehicle Technology

Although senior citizens may balk at other types of new technology available, such as smartphones, tablets, or electronic devices, new vehicle technology can dramatically improve their driving experience and overall vehicle safety. New driver technology such as rear-view cameras, navigation systems, automatic braking features, and blind-spot warnings can make a huge impact on the safety of senior drivers, their passengers, and other drivers on the roadway or parking lots.

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