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Three Reasons Why College Students Need Quality Insurance Protection

Homeowners, renters, and business owners are often reminded of the importance of having personal and commercial insurance coverage. However, college students are some of the most vulnerable victims when disaster strikes, and are rarely protected with quality insurance coverage. Sadly, college students have little financial recourse when their possessions are lost or damaged by severe weather, or when they are victims of accidents or injuries on campus. In today's blog post, we look at three specific reasons why college students need quality insurance protection.

Hurricane Damages

With two months still left in our annual hurricane season, hurricanes and tropical storms can quickly displace college students along the Gulf Coast and destroy their personal property. For example, Hurricane Katrina forced the complete shutdown of Tulane University, Loyola University, and the University of New Orleans for many months, and hundreds of students lost most, if not all, their personal property due to the hurricane or subsequent flooding. In addition to losing possessions to storm damage, many also had to deal with the cost of suddenly relocating and paying for living expenses elsewhere until they could return to school.

Other Natural Disasters

When students are on a college campus, there are a variety of ways in which their personal property can be lost or damaged. They typically take with them costly smartphones, laptops, tablets, textbooks, and vehicles. With so much valuable property on campus, students can easily lose their property via theft, vandalism, or campus accidents. All of these valuables need to be protected and insured against loss or damages through either Renter's Insurance, or as part of their parent's Homeowners Insurance to protect the value from loss.

Accidents and Injuries

Injuries and accidents in college are another common risk to consider when students are away at school. Parents need to ensure that all family members are protected with health and life insurance, not just themselves. Students can suffer serious and even fatal health issues on athletic fields, on roadways, or during collegiate activities. Unfortunately, there are stories every year of college students dying due to hazing, horseplay, outdoor activities, or even campus-sanctioned events.

No matter which college your loved one attends, it is important that they have the quality personal insurance coverage necessary to allow them to focus on their education instead of having to replace lost or damaged possessions, or lose valuable school time because of health or injury issues. Aegis offers individuals and families top quality personal insurance policies, with reliable coverage, friendly customer service, and exceptional protection, all at competitive rates. Contact Aegis today for more information on our full range of Personal Insurance coverage, or go online at for more information.

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