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Written by Adam Miller
Three Reasons to Always Have Flood Insurance for Your Home

As Texans know, Mother Nature never lets up, so our state sees a wide range of weather-related disasters and catastrophic events such as tornadoes, severe lightning storms, hurricanes, and especially flash floods. While we can't protect our homes and property from all of these natural disasters, we can have the financial protection in place to minimize our losses and help speed up our recovery when they do strike. In today's Aegis blog post, we look at three reasons to always have Flood Insurance for your home and property.

Repairs and Replacements Are Costly

When a flood occurs, even a small one, the damages to a home and property can be substantial. Flood waters even an inch or two high can damage floors, walls, furniture, electronics, appliances, and other parts of the home. People who don't have Flood Insurance should know that the cost of repairing or replacing flood damaged property can be far higher than expected because of labor costs, repair delays, material shortages, and the time and energy spent on dealing with flood damage.

Nearby Growth and Construction

Even though our world is still dealing with the impact of Covid-19, Texas continues to see construction projects, new home builds, and business expansion across the state. While this is great for our state's economy and Covid-19 recovery, too many new construction projects can negatively impact flood plains and rainfall drainage. Homes that have never flooded before might find themselves more vulnerable to flood damage than they have been in years past.

Personal Finance Uncertainty

Finally, the economic impact of Covid-19 has made personal savings and retirement accounts even more valuable as job security and market stability have become somewhat uncertain. Without Flood Insurance in place, paying for flood damages and repairs out of pocket would likely wipe out and exceed personal savings and put people in a dire financial situation. Instead, it's far more financially prudent to simply have Flood Insurance coverage in place to protect your financial nest egg.

Flood Insurance minimizes the financial impact of flood damage by providing financial help to cover those losses caused by covered flood events. The team at Aegis Insurance & Financial Services can help you protect your home and personal property from flood losses through affordable, comprehensive Flood Insurance to include as part of your Personal Insurance portfolio. Contact our office today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or fill out our online form to request a free Flood Insurance quote!

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