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All business owners understand that there are always going to be elements of risk on a daily basis as they run their business. While many of these risks are obvious and easily preventable, some might be not as obvious to property owners. One of the most dangerous but commonly overlooked liability risks for commercial property owners comes from the trees and landscaping on a property. If not properly maintained, a commercial landscape can quickly become the cause of personal injuries, property damage, or liability claims. In today's Aegis blog post, we'll take an in-depth look at these three hidden liability risks that could be lurking on your commercial property, and what can be done to mitigate these risks.

Tree Roots

Trees are an important asset to any commercial property because of the beauty they add, they valuable shade they provide, and the privacy they offer. However, if trees are planted in the wrong spot or are not properly cared for, tree roots can become tripping hazards for people on your property, whether they're employees, customers, or vendors. Tree roots can become tripping hazards as they sprout up looking for water or nutrients if they lack proper maintenance. In addition, tree roots need room underground to expand out, but if they're planted too close to buildings or pavement, they can cause nearby sidewalks, parking lots, or building foundations to become cracked or uneven. Businesses could face serious liability claims because of personal injuries caused by tree root trips, or because of structural damage caused by tree roots on sidewalks, parking lots, or building foundations.

Tree Limbs

Property owners want to see their trees growing strong and healthy, but sometimes too much growth can be a bad thing. Overgrown tree limbs and branches can become a problem when their heavy weight causes them to break off unexpectedly and fall onto people or property. In addition, storms and strong winds can also cause limbs and branches to crack, but their damage might be hidden by foliage, and can become a lurking danger as they can fall down at any time without warning. Tree limbs can be a source of costly liability claims from people with personal injuries or property damage.

Poorly Maintained Landscaping

An unkempt commercial property can create logistical and liability nightmares for business owners. First, when commercial landscapes aren't maintained on a regular basis and grass and shrubs become overgrown, it can hinder visibility on many parts of the property. Drivers coming in and out of your property might not be able to see other vehicles, street signs, or oncoming traffic, resulting in injuries and property damage. Additionally, a poorly maintained commercial site can attract unwanted visitors, specifically insects and vermin. Not only are they an eyesore on your commercial property, but also they can cause injuries to people on the property, and can damage both the property and the reputation of your business.

If you're a commercial property owner, you might be asking yourself: How do we mitigate these risks and protect our company? The simple answer is through regular commercial property maintenance, which should include correct Tree Planting, Tree Pruning, and Landscape Maintenance. While no business wants to add yet another expense to their budget, the cost of quality commercial landscape management is significantly offset by the savings in liability issues, injured employees or customers, and property damages. When a commercial site looks good and is safe, it makes customers far more likely to return and tell others about your business.

Another way to protect the future of your business is through reliable, affordable, and top quality Commercial Insurance from Aegis Insurance & Financial Services. Our team of friendly and experienced agents can walk you through the Commercial Insurance process, helping you understand your goals and risks, and how to get an insurance solution that works for your unique needs and your specific industry. Give us a call at 713-850-7622 for more information, or fill out our online form for a free quote!

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