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Three Common Dangers During The Holidays

The holidays are a festive time of celebration, often involving traveling, gathering with family and friends, and sharing delicious meals together. Sadly, they can also be a dangerous time for families and friends if proper precautions are not taken. In today's blog post, we discuss three common dangers that occur most during the holidays, and what people can do to mitigate their risks.

Property Theft

With the increase of big-ticket purchases because of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holiday sales, property theft jumps dramatically during the holiday season. Thieves might strike by taking delivered packages from front doors, stealing new vehicles, riding off with new bikes, or burglarizing homes with large electronics boxes left outside for trash pickup. However, people can protect their property and avoid becoming a theft victim by taking proactive steps, such as having packages delivered to their office, securing new bikes and vehicles, and breaking down boxes and disposing them discreetly. Also, Homeowners Insurance and Renter's Insurance coverage may need to be adjusted to account for new big-ticket purchases or gifts, such as artwork, jewelry, and antiques to protect their value.


One of the other common dangers that occur more often during the holiday season is fire. During holiday gatherings, homeowners are more likely to light candles, use fireplaces, cook elaborate meals, fry turkeys, or turn on space heaters for warmth. Unattended candles, flammable materials near fireplaces and space heaters, or kitchen fires may cause all property damage as well as personal injuries. Property owners can avoid losing their homes, personal possessions, and loved ones by making sure to use candles, space heaters, and fireplaces safely, and to keep working fire extinguishers on the property in the event of fires.

Injuries and Accidents

During the holiday season, personal injuries and accidents can increase on residential properties due to a number of factors. For example, slips and falls increase due to icy precipitation, alcohol consumed at holiday parties and family gatherings can lead to inebriated drivers, and reckless use of new holiday toys (such as motorcycles, dirt bikes or hover boards) can lead to personal injuries and accidents. To reduce personal accidents and injuries, homeowners should ensure that all entrances and exits are well lit and safe, inebriated family and friends should be driven home, and new toys should be used according to instructions and with protective gear. This keeps loved ones safer and reduces potential liability issues for homeowners.

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