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The Three Biggest Risks Of Using Drones For Your Business

One of the biggest innovations to impact the business world in the last few years has been the use of drones for commercial use. Drones are used in industries across the world, including farming, manufacturing, art, real estate, construction, retail, and everything in between. While they provide incredible and unique perspectives for businesses and their customers, the commercial use of drones comes with substantial risk for property owners. In today's blog post, we look at the three biggest liability risks that come with using drones for your commercial purposes.

Property Damage

While not as heavy or as large as helicopters or other aircraft, drones still have the capability to cause substantial property damage if not used correctly, or if they crash due to high winds or inclement weather. Drones can cause damage to commercial buildings, windows, personal or commercial vehicles, nearby homes, and power lines and other utilities, creating a major liability issue for the business operating the drone. Businesses may face thousands of dollars in repairs and liability claims for damage caused to other people's property, or outages and business closures caused by drone damage.

Bodily Injury

Another common issue with the use of drones for commercial purposes is that they can be extremely dangerous to operate if the person at the controls is a novice. An out of control or malfunctioning drone can easily cause serious personal injury to the operator or to innocent bystanders as it flies around or crashes to the ground. Businesses whose drones cause personal injury could face substantial lawsuits or liability claims, especially if the drone operator is found to be inexperienced or negligent in their use.

Privacy Violation

Finally, drones can be extremely helpful in capturing unique perspectives, critical details, and beautiful visuals, but they can also capture personal or commercial footage that violates personal or commercial privacy. The use of unauthorized recordings or photographs can make businesses financially liable for violating privacy laws, especially if that footage is used for commercial purposes. Drones may also inadvertently capture sensitive information on nearby properties, such as secure areas or corporate secrets.

Drones are powerful and innovative tools for businesses to use, but they should always be used safely, responsibly, and in compliance with state and federal laws regarding filming and privacy. Their safe use prevents possible liability issues for businesses and business owners. Aegis can also help protect businesses with our full range of Commercial Insurance policies. The team at Aegis can assist with Business Owner's Policy coverage, as well as Commercial Property coverage, Commercial Auto, General Liability, Excess Liability, and Workers Compensation coverage. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online for a free quote!

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