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Written by Adam Miller
Three Benefits of Upgrading Your Fleet Vehicles

A number of businesses and industries rely on commercial fleet vehicles to make service calls, perform deliveries, transport materials and raw goods, or meet with clients and vendors. Unlike most passenger vehicles, fleet vehicles can experience significant wear and tear in a shorter period of time because of their frequent use and high mileage. Unfortunately, having an older, less reliable fleet vehicle can also lead to higher costs for the business, as well as unwanted delays and the potential loss of both revenue and happy customers. In today's blog post, we'll look at three key benefits of upgrading fleet vehicles to newer models.

Improved Vehicle Technology

One of the most important benefits that come with upgrading commercial fleet vehicles is the improved vehicle technology available. From rear view cameras, additional air bags, hands-free smartphone connections, and improved navigation systems, new vehicle technology reduces the likelihood of driving accidents and protects driver safety. GPS and navigation technology can also provide better routes for drivers, improve efficiency for delivery times and service calls, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Reduces Vehicle Maintenance Costs

Another important benefit of upgrading commercial fleet vehicles is that it reduces vehicle maintenance costs and extends the vehicle's length of service. Older fleet vehicles often require lengthier and more expensive maintenance due to the severe wear and tear they experience, especially on busy freeways and interstates. These costlier repairs can negatively impact delivery times and service call completions, both of which can be hard for companies to overcome. With newer fleet vehicles, companies can spend valuable financial resources on company growth and customer retention instead of constant fleet vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Better Fuel Efficiency

The third benefit to consider when upgrading fleet vehicles is the high savings in annual fuel costs. Federal and state agencies continue to push for greater fuel economy in all types of personal and commercial vehicles, so a newer fleet vehicle is more likely to meet compliance standards for fuel efficiency. In addition, newer fleet vehicles also are better for our environment as they emit far less emissions than older vehicles, and contribute less to air pollution.

Businesses rely on fleet vehicles for a variety of purposes and services, but to provide the biggest benefit to companies, the fleet vehicles themselves should be reliable and safe. Aegis also believes in providing companies with reliable, top-quality Commercial Auto Insurance at competitive rates. Along with Commercial Auto Insurance, Aegis Insurance & Financial Services also offers Business Owners Policy coverage, Commercial Property Insurance, General Liability, Workers Compensation, Excess Liability, and Cyber Liability coverage. Call Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online to request a free quote.

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