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Written by Adam Miller
Three Benefits of Having Workers Compensation Coverage for Your Business

According to government statistics, every seven seconds a worker in the United States is injured on the job. These injuries can range from minor cuts and strained muscles to major falls, catastrophic injuries, and even workplace fatalities.

Your company probably has different types of commercial insurance to protect your building and physical assets, but it's just as important to have Workers Compensation coverage in the event of a workplace accident or injury. Discover three benefits of having Workers Compensation coverage in place for your business, and how Aegis Insurance & Financial Services helps companies protect what matters most.

Employee Protection

The biggest benefit of having Workers Compensation coverage is that it provides financial assistance to your employees if they're injured or fall sick on the job. The policy provides several important benefits to impacted workers, including:

• Lost wages
• Medical expenses
• Long-term care (such as physical therapy)
• Disability benefits
• Death benefits for survivors

With this coverage, workers are able to get the medical care they need while also maintaining their standard of living while they're recovering and unable to work. Your sick or injured employees can focus on their full recovery instead of rushing back to work, and relatives of an employee fatally injured on the job can receive payments for funeral expenses and survivor's benefits.

Company Protection

Along with protecting your employees, Workers Compensation Insurance also protects your company by preventing injured workers from suing your business for work-related injuries or sickness. If your company skips Workers Compensation coverage, your company could be sued and held liable in court for the full cost of illnesses, accidents, or injuries that occur on the job, as well as damages.

A single lawsuit from an injured employee could be financially disastrous for your company and could force your business to close because of legal judgments, court costs, and damages awarded. Workers Compensation coverage ensures that your company is well-protected if disaster strikes and your employees are hurt or fall ill.

Expands Business Opportunities

Although Texas doesn't require most private companies to carry Workers Compensation Insurance, it does require any company entering into a contract with a government entity to carry the coverage for all employees working on that specific project. Having Workers Compensation coverage can put your company in a better position to win government contracts and bids that other companies might be ineligible for if they don't carry this type of coverage.

Choose Aegis for Workers Compensation Needs

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