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Written by Adam Miller
Technology Upgrades to Consider for 2021

A new year can bring new opportunities for businesses to improve and become more efficient in certain areas. Specifically, companies can make minor investments in technology upgrades that can help them become more secure and more productive in their daily operations. Today we'll examine three possible technology upgrades companies can consider implementing for this new year.

Cloud-Based Email and Company Networks

Companies from nearly every industry rely on some form of technology and email to communicate with customers, vendors, and employees. Unfortunately, companies might be using technology that is outdated, unsecure, and largely inefficient. Companies can remedy this by upgrading their email and network servers to cloud-based companies that can ensure that they're always connected and able to access important data files, such as emails, customer orders, financial records, and more from anywhere in the world at any time of day. In addition, cloud-based networks typically use state-of-the-art encryption and security to prevent possible cyber hacking and server outages.

Digital Security Cameras

Another important tech upgrade to consider in 2021 is transitioning from traditional security cameras to motion-detection digital cameras that can be monitored and accessed from any location 24/7. This can provide companies with a greater sense of security and can reduce the need for costly security personnel that might not be able to spot thieves or vandals as clearly. In addition, digital security cameras can also capture activity using night-vision and be an aid to law enforcement officials if an issue arises on the premises or nearby.  These steps can help reduce business losses and claims for costly damages and repairs.

Paperless Workplaces When Possible

Finally, when companies pursue the goal of becoming a paperless workplace, they can reap multiple benefits from their efforts. For starters, moving documentation online and eliminating print jobs can result in a huge drop in paper and toner costs, as well as maintenance or repair costs for large printers. Whether you run a retail shop, restaurant, or traditional office, paper reductions mean an increase in productivity. In addition, a paperless workplace can be a more secure workplace as important documents are stored digitally and are less likely to be lost or damaged. Finally, companies help the environment when they reduce their reliance on paper products.

Companies looking for new ways to kick off 2021 in a positive direction should consider minor tech upgrades that can make a positive difference on their efficiency and long-term costs. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is committed to helping companies set and achieve their 2021 goals by providing quality commercial insurance solutions that meet their unique industry needs. For more information on the full range of our Commercial Insurance policies, contact Aegis at 713-850-7622 or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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