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Written by Adam Miller
Social Media Posts Can Put Your Property At Risk, Part Two

In last week's blog post, we looked at the many ways that social media posts and photos can put people's homes and possessions at risk of theft or vandalism. Criminals can easily scan social media feeds and learn if a person is away on a vacation, is dining out with friends, or has recently purchased something valuable like a new car or expensive watch. Rather than deleting all social media accounts, it's easier to just make a few simple changes in how you share information in order to protect your home and property.

Vacation Photos and Travel Updates Can Wait

One of the smartest choices you can make regarding your social media accounts is to wait to share your updates or photos until you've returned home. Whether you've been away from home for work, vacation, or even a funeral, it is safest to delay posting updates or photos to ensure you don't make your home a target for thieves or other criminals. You can still share your photos and updates with family and friends, but in a way that is safer and more responsible.

No One Likes A Showoff

Another important change to make with social media posting is to avoid sharing pictures or video of new expensive purchases, such as brand-new cars, jewelry, electronics or accessories. Not only can it make you an instant target for thieves, but it can also put a strain on your relationships with friends and family experiencing financial difficulties. It is always better to take a more humble approach to your property and possessions, and not use social media to flaunt or showoff your material wealth.

Educate Your Friends and Family

Even if you are careful to avoid posting recent large purchases, travel itineraries and vacation photos, you can still be left vulnerable to thieves and criminals when friends and family tag you in photos or mention you in a travel post.  Take time to educate family and friends on the importance of posting vacation updates and photos after returning home, and make sure they do not tag you in their photos or give away the fact that you are not home.  They can either avoid mentioning you and your family in their current posts, or they can mention or tag you in their photos after returning home. 

Safeguard Your Family's Privacy

When using social media, it is wise to always use discretion in your updates and photos, particularly for safeguarding privacy and daily routines. Criminals can easily learn routines and daily patterns for when individuals or families are away from home, such as school drop-off times, gym workouts, or regular dinners at favorite restaurants. By being more discreet, you eliminate the opportunities for potential thieves to learn your family's patterns and routines, thus keeping them and your possessions safe.

Social media is a wonderful tool to help people stay connected, but it's important to be smart in what and when you post to the world to protect yourself and your property. Another important way to protect yourself and your possessions is through quality insurance solutions from Aegis. Aegis is a Houston-based insurance agency specializing in developing strategic insurance coverage for all the unique needs of homeowners, renters and business owners throughout Texas. The knowledgeable and friendly agents of Aegis can tailor an insurance coverage plan that protects your most valuable assets at affordable rates. Aegis can also save clients hundreds of dollars in annual premiums by bundling policies together, including Homeowners, Renters, Auto, Life, and Business Insurance. Call Aegis at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online for a free quote today!

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