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Written by Adam Miller
Simple Changes To Prevent Car Break-Ins

In Texas, we love our cars and trucks, and we rely on them for everything from work commutes, taking kids to school, running errands, and road trips. It's our attachment to them that makes it so shocking and frustrating when thieves break into our vehicles. However, a large percentage of car break-ins are largely preventable, meaning many vehicle owners don't realize how they've made their cars and trucks easy targets for criminals. In today's Aegis post, we'll discuss three simple changes you can make to help prevent a break-in of your car, truck, or commercial vehicle.

Lock Your Car Doors At All Times

One of the simplest changes vehicle owners should make to prevent people from accessing their cars or trucks is to simply lock the doors at all times. Too often, people leave their doors unlocked because they're dashing inside a store for "just a minute", pumping gas, or are parked in a "safe part of town." The reality is that it only takes thieves a couple of seconds to quickly open a door and steal whatever valuables are inside, including purses, wallets, call phones, laptops, backpacks, tools, or equipment. When you fail to lock doors, it makes it even easier for thieves to steal your stuff, or even your car, because there's no window to smash and less noise to attract unwanted attention.

Don't Leave Valuables In Plain Sight

Another common mistake vehicle owners can make is leaving valuables in plain sight, such as the passenger seat or backseat. Thieves are always on the lookout for things that can easily be stolen and resold or pawned, and leaving cellphones, wallets, backpacks, purses or store merchandise bags can make your vehicle an irresistible target. Many victims of car break-ins will begrudgingly admit that they left their stolen property in plain sight, assuming their valuables would be safe. Also, if you know you'll be parking your car somewhere but not taking your purse, wallet, or valuables with you (like at a park or fitness center), lock them securely in the trunk, ideally before you arrive at your destination.

Park In Your Garage

A popular place for thieves to break into cars is at a home or apartment complex. Too often, people park their cars and trucks in their driveway or on the street assuming that the neighborhood or property is safe. Likewise, they also incorrectly believe that they'd hear someone trying to break-in or steal their stuff and don't need to bother locking the doors. Thieves love to target neighborhoods because they can walk down the street and quickly check the doors of every car and truck parked outside until they find an open one and steal everything inside, including garage doors openers that can give them access to your entire house. To protect your vehicles from break-ins, park your car or truck inside your garage if possible, and lock your doors and activate the alarm system if it must be parked outside.

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