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The Risks of Allowing Pets At Work

Businesses are often looking for new ways to boost morale and reduce stress in the workplace. A new trend among small businesses is to allow employees to occasionally bring their pets to work with them. Although this option is growing in popularity, the decision to allow pets to enter the workplace does come with some serious liability risks for businesses of all sizes. In today's blog post, we'll look at the risks of allowing employees to bring their pets to the office or worksite.

Increased Liability For Personal Injuries

Pets may attack or bite an employee, security guard, customer, or vendor, creating a serious liability issue for the business. Even the most docile and friendly pets might be triggered into aggressive behavior by strange sounds, unfamiliar scents, or other pets in the workplace. In addition, pets in the workplace can also create tripping hazards, as well as allergic reactions along other employees or customers. Injuries caused by animals can cause significant physical injuries as well as long-lasting emotional scars, leading victims to pursue substantial claims to cover medical expenses and damages.  It is always safer for employees to leave pets at home and not risk injuries and liability claims by bringing them to an office or worksite.

Property Damages

Pets can cause significant damage to valuable company property, such as electronic devices, wires and cables, walls, important documents, furniture, carpeting, and other business property. The ramifications of pet-caused property damage can range from minor delays in the office for cleanups to major delays and repairs for damaged computers, electronics, or other key tools and equipment vital to daily business operations.

Loss of Productivity

Although the presence of a beloved pet may reduce stress and increase morale in a workplace, it can also backfire and create a loss of productivity among employees. Pets can be both a cute distraction, with employees fawning over and holding animals instead of working, or they can be an unwelcome distraction due to their shedding, odor, barking, scratching, or noisy collars.

Although the presence of pets in the workplace can sometimes reduce stress and increase employee satisfaction, they can ultimately pose a major liability threat to businesses of all sizes and within all industries. Businesses that currently allow pets on their premises should make sure they require employees to sign an agreement that they will be personally responsible for any accidents, injuries, or property damage that is caused by their pet. Otherwise, they could face damages or claims that might not be covered by their Commercial Insurance policies.

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