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Written by Adam Miller
Protecting Your Home and Property from Theft This Holiday Season

This holiday season will be like no other, as many individuals and families will be staying home or skipping normal holiday travel plans. However, the holiday season will still likely bring with it a high number of thefts and burglaries in homes and personal vehicles. In today's Aegis blog post, we look at some ways individuals and families can ramp up the security around their property, and how to avoid becoming a target of thieves.

Addition of Security or Doorbell Cameras

In the last five years, the home security industry has been transformed as homeowners have embraced the idea of adding doorbell cameras or outdoor cameras around the perimeter of the property. Although these cameras can't completely prevent someone from breaking in to a home or vehicle, they can significantly deter someone from making that choice, especially if the homeowner is able to talk to the criminal and let them know they're being recorded. Often this is enough to send them running away empty handed. This technology can be a great step in protecting your home or vehicles from thieves looking to steal valuables and electronics, and can help aid law enforcement in catching thieves or vandals targeting a neighborhood.

Locking Vehicles at All Times

Too often, vehicle owners can get complacent in securing their vehicles, particularly when they're parked in their own driveway, in front of their home, or if they park in "safer" parts of town. Thieves know this, and will often find wallets, purses, handguns, laptop bags, and other valuables left inside unlocked vehicles at all times of the day. If you look through your car or truck window and see something worth taking, so will thieves, and the cost of a broken window is often more than the value of the items stolen. If you have to leave valuables in your vehicle, store them securely in your trunk before leaving home so they're out of sight. People can prevent these quick thefts by locking cars and trucks at all times, and by not leaving any kind of valuables in the car or in the bed of their truck.

Use Extra Caution With Package Deliveries and Curbside Trash

Finally, thieves have become smarter in how they're able to quickly identify their next target with just a leisurely drive around the neighborhood. They can easily spot a delivery package or two left on a front porch, or notice laptop or flatscreen TV boxes left on the curb for trash pickup. Homeowners should instead handle their deliveries more securely by having packages delivered to nearby delivery lockboxes or their own work offices to avoid package theft. In addition, the trash debris for big-ticket items should be broken down and discarded inside of large black trash bags or disposed of at a recycling center so that thieves don't target their property for a home burglary.

This holiday season will certainly have some new challenges, but dealing with theft or home burglaries shouldn't be one of them. Taking proactive steps to secure your home and property can provide valuable peace of mind at a time when we all need that the most. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is committed to helping individuals and families also have added security and financial peace of mind through our comprehensive range of Personal Insurance policies, including Homeowners Insurance, Renter's Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, and more. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or visit us online to request a free quote!

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