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College students using a vehicle to get to school need quality auto insurance.

As discussed in last week's blog, many parents help prepare their college students for the new school year by purchasing laptops, smartphones, furniture, appliances, and other needed items. One major asset college students also take with them is a vehicle, either their own car or a family vehicle. While parents will often take steps to protect their student's assets, they can sometimes overlook the need to reevaluate their auto insurance needs when their child takes a vehicle to college.

Parents may not realize that there are increased risks as students take vehicles with them to college, so it is best to assess current insurance coverage levels and increase or adjust as necessary. Insurance coverage limits while the student was still living at home may have been adequate, but living and driving away from the primary residence increases the likelihood of accidents or other major events.

The first risk that increases as college students take their vehicles or family vehicles with them to campus is the chance of car theft or burglary. Unfortunately, carelessness can lead college students to leave their cars unlocked, or with valuables left in clear sight. This can lead to the theft of the car, or the student's car can be burglarized, with pricey valuables taken and the car suffering damage, thus leading to an insurance claim.

Another risk that increases with students taking vehicles to college with them is an increased chance of car accidents or damage to the car's exterior. As college students drive to campus, to grocery stores or shopping areas, there is an increased chance for car accidents or being rear ended during traffic. Also, college campus surface lots and parking garages are often the sites of minor fender benders as people incorrectly gauge their distance while driving, backing out of spaces, or parallel parking. These accidents and fender-benders will often to lead to claims and increased insurance premiums.

Finally, the life of a college student often means being crammed into a car or truck with lots of friends, driving to a hangout, restaurant or campus. This can often lead to distracted or reckless driving, causing major accidents or bodily injury, and even death. Parents keeping their college age driver on their family insurance policy need to be sure they have comprehensive auto insurance coverage that protects and helps in case of a major accident. This is especially true if college students often have friends riding in the car with them as this may lead to increased liability and higher insurance claims.

For parents of college students, Aegis is able to help ensure families have the auto insurance protection necessary for all their needs. As a Houston-based insurance agency, Aegis understands that quality auto insurance is essential for Texas college students, particularly for students at commuter schools such as the University of Houston, Rice University, Texas Southern University, Houston Community College, and the University of St. Thomas. Frequent, long commutes can increase the chances for auto accidents, so quality auto protection is a necessity. For parents with students farther away at Texas A&M, the University of Texas, Texas Tech or Texas Christian, the auto insurance solutions from Aegis help offer added protection for those longer drives between home and school. Contact the friendly and knowledgeable agents of Aegis to find the auto insurance solutions for you and your family, and save even more by bundling insurance policies into one comprehensive solution. Contact Aegis today for more information.

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