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Written by Adam Miller
College students have many costly valuables such as laptops, smartphones, appliances, furniture, jewelry and more that all need protecting through quality insurance coverage.

The beginning of fall brings cooler weather, the start of football season, and a trip back to college for the thousands of university students throughout Texas. Many parents help their children prepare for college by purchasing smartphones, laptop computers, furniture and appliances so they have everything they need while living away from home. However, many parents do not realize that they may be sending their children away with these costly possessions that are not covered by their homeowner's insurance policies.

College dorms, apartment complexes and fraternity/sorority houses are very casual environments for the average college student and unfortunately, many students are not always diligent about locking up or protecting their property. As a result, smartphone, appliance and laptop theft can be common on college campuses. Also, in the busyness and rush of college life, many computers and smartphones are lost or left behind in campus libraries, buses, study lounges and common areas.

In addition to misplacing valuable assets or having them stolen, some college students also lose valuable possessions through fire or water damage. College campus fires are most often caused by cooking mishaps, unattended candles, overloaded power strips or cigarettes, and these fires can cause significant or irreparable damage to valuables such as laptops, smartphones, appliances, furniture and personal belongings like clothing and jewelry.

The loss of these valuable assets can be devastating to the college student, but also to their parents who must replace them as soon as possible so their student is not long without a phone, furniture or computer. Many parents might assume that their child's personal belongings would be covered under their Homeowner's Insurance Coverage, but the truth is that most policies do not cover student's possessions when they live outside the residential home.

Many homeowners' insurance policies cover only a small portion of the college students valuables under an exclusionary clause related to where the student is living, especially for students living off-campus. This smaller payout will often not be able to replace the majority of the lost valuables, leaving parents and students in a financial pinch. However, for parents of college students, there are several options available to ensure protection and security for their valuables and assets.

Parents can adjust their current homeowners insurance coverage to include coverage for their student's possessions or they can add a separate Inland Marine Policy to cover valuables such as computer equipment, musical instruments, and jewelry. For college students living in off-campus Greek housing or apartment complexes, parents can get peace of mind and financial security through the purchase of renter's insurance to ensure any disaster will leave their child protected and able to quickly recover the value of their lost items.

Aegis, a Houston-based insurance agency, specializes in helping families prepare for college life with a host of insurance solutions. Aegis offers comprehensive and affordable Renter's Insurance, Inland Marine personal protection coverage, and Homeowners Insurance that protects in times of need. Let the friendly and knowledgeable agents of Aegis get you and your college student on the path to success today.  Contact Aegis for more information or get a quote online.

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