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Written by Adam Miller
By exercising caution in our everyday decisions, we can help reduce fire hazards in our home or apartment.

From a young age we're taught the many dangers of fires, and how to protect ourselves if we're ever near a fire. Unfortunately, as adults we can sometimes forget to use caution around fire, or we may be unaware of hidden fire dangers in our homes or apartments. To help protect your family, home and possessions, we're going to look at personal fire hazards and property fire hazards so you and your loved ones can stay safe. Today's blog post will focus on specific personal fire hazards to avoid, and next week's blog will look at hidden fire hazards lurking inside our homes or apartments.

A big part of proper fire safety is making sure the simple decisions we make on a daily basis aren't creating fire hazards for us, our home or our possessions. For example, fires often start in homes or apartments because of careless mistakes, like unsafe cooking or grilling. Each year, hundreds of people are burned or killed because of cooking food left unattended on a stovetop that quickly spreads into a major fire. In addition, people who grill sometimes make the mistake of bringing grills inside a garage, starting a garage fire, or they will use too much cooking oil when frying turkeys, creating a huge grease fire. These simple decisions can leave families devastated by personal injury, the death of a loved one, or a major fire that destroys their property.

Another example of personal decisions that can lead to fire hazards is in regards to lack of caution regarding smoking. Smoking can lead to a wide range of health problems, but it can also increase the likelihood for personal injury or property damage. Many fires begin in apartment complexes or homes because of lit cigarettes left near flammable materials, or a person falling asleep while smoking. Personal injuries and property damage by fire can easily be avoided by ending smoking habits, or by only smoking in safe, outdoor, designated smoking areas.

Finally, we can reduce potential fire hazards in our homes or apartments by being much more cautious with candle usage, as well as securing matches and lighters from young children. Sadly, hundreds of children are injured or killed each year because of matches or lighters left in their reach. In addition, candles can also cause extensive property damage and can lead to personal injury when left unattended or near flammable materials.

Exercising caution in our everyday decisions can help keep us, family members, and homes and apartments safe from fire and fire damage. Aegis also offers protection through quality insurance solutions that can help if disaster strikes. Aegis offers affordable, reliable insurance solutions for Homeowners, Renters, Auto and Life Insurance, giving customers peace of mind and financial assistance when it's needed most. The friendly and knowledgeable agents of Aegis can help you develop a strategic insurance solution to get great insurance coverage at a reasonable price. Aegis clients can also save hundreds on annual premiums by bundling insurance policies together for maximum savings. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 or go online to request a free quote.

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