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Written by Adam Miller
Protect Business Vehicles with These Three Steps

If your company relies on service trucks, delivery vans, and other company vehicles to operate on a daily basis, then it's important to make sure your vehicles are protected at all times. With catalytic converter thefts at an all-time high, and thieves targeting tools and equipment left out in plain sight, business owners should take proactive steps to stop theft and protect their property.

Learn three steps that can help your business better protect company vehicles, tools, equipment, and valuable vehicle parts, and the protection you can have through Aegis Insurance & Financial Services.

Increase Lights and Security Patrols

Too often, company vehicles are left overnight in lots that are poorly lit and not patrolled on a regular basis. By installing additional lights and video cameras, this can help deter thieves from targeting your work trucks or service vans.

In addition, having a security guard or off-duty officer patrol your property at night or weekends may help discourage people from stealing from your trucks and company cars. They can scare off criminals while also protecting your employee or customer vehicles from theft as well.

Lock Up Tools, Equipment, and Vehicles

Criminals often look for valuables they can quickly steal and resell, and company trucks and vans may be targeted if business tools, equipment, raw materials, or merchandise are left open and unattended in unlocked vehicles. It's essential that all electronics, equipment, and tools are secured in locked boxes or hidden away from plain sight to not encourage a quick break-in.

Also, it should be a company policy to have all company trucks, vans, and cars locked up every time they are not in use. This can prevent someone from entering and stealing valuables, or attempt to steal the entire vehicle.

Train Employees on Safe Vehicle Use

A major part of vehicle protection starts with better training for company drivers. Anyone operating a business van, service truck, or company car should be trained on how to safely operate it and where not to park it, such as fire lanes or handicap spots.

Employees should also be reminded to not leave trucks or vans running while making deliveries, as it could encourage a thief to quickly take off with the vehicle and everything inside.

Aegis Protects Company Vehicles

At Aegis Insurance & Financial Services, we understand how important a working service vehicle is to many different industries, including restaurants, retailers, contractors, and other service providers. We offer comprehensive Commercial Auto Insurance policies that insure against losses caused by theft, vandalism, accidents, or other covered events.

By partnering with Aegis, you can have peace of mind that they vehicles you rely on for your business are protected in case disaster strikes, and you'll have the financial resources needed to repair or replace business cars, trucks, or vans.

Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 to learn more about our Commercial Auto coverage, or fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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