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Written by Adam Miller
Engaged or newlywed couples can plan well for their future tgoether by discussing and selecting quality insurance coverage for their auto, renters, homeowners and life insurance needs.

Summer brings with it a variety of special occasions, such as graduations, family vacations, breaks from school, and lovely summer weddings. Many engaged couples plan for months and even years in advance to make their wedding ceremony and reception just perfect, from the wedding dress, food, location, flowers and wedding cake. All the major and minor details that go into planning a wedding are important, but what is more important is the life you build together after the fanfare and celebrations are over. Often, couples spend so much time focused on their wedding day that they overlook the major decisions that come with marriage, especially when it comes to finances and the future.

Newlyweds and engaged couples can save themselves time, money and potential arguments by discussing and deciding their major financial goals and protections early. One key area married couples must determine is insurance coverage, specifically in regards to auto insurance, homeowners or renters insurance, and life insurance. Quality insurance coverage policies are a cornerstone of a stable and protective financial portfolio, so it's key to understand the benefits of securing reliable insurance coverage as you merge into one family.

The first insurance policy to consider as newlyweds is auto insurance coverage since most married couples have two cars, but likely with separate insurance carriers. Some may have had their own individual auto policies before marriage, while others may have been insured under their parents' auto insurance provider. Regardless, combining both auto insurance policies with the same insurance agency is a smart financial decision since it offers the chance to save a great deal of money on your insurance premiums and simplifies the insurance process in the event of an accident since both husband and wife would be authorized to handle questions or claims with the insurance company.

Secondly, engaged or newly married couples need to ensure they have quality renters insurance if living in a rental property, or homeowner's insurance if they own a house or townhome. Even if one spouse already owns or rents a property with renters or homeowner's insurance, marriage means that the other person needs to be added to the insurance policy, and the policy should be increased to reflect the addition of the other spouse's belongings. In the event of a disaster such as a fire, theft or other issue, it is key to have both husband and wife listed on the insurance policy and to ensure you have adequate coverage to replace the value of both sets of belongings and also new wedding presents such as appliances, electronics, jewelry, etc.

Finally, newlyweds and couples planning for marriage find themselves often discussing the future in terms of goals, dreams, family planning, vacations, finances and other priorities. However, one key part of discussing the future is determining what happens if one spouse suddenly dies. Securing a quality life insurance policy is essential for newly married or engaged couples looking to plan well for their future.  While no newlywed or engaged couple wants to dwell on this possibility, it is extremely wise and beneficial to both spouses to make sure the other is protected if disaster strikes, and also plan how their combined estate should be handled in the event of both passing away. Taking time to ensure that you both have adequate life insurance coverage is a critical part of planning for the future, providing peace of mind in the future and essential help when you need it most.

Thankfully, newlyweds and engaged couples looking to acquire or combine all their insurance policies with one insurance agency can get substantial savings not just by combining two auto insurance policies together, but by combining all three major insurance policies under one carrier. Bundling your major insurance policies together offers newlyweds huge financial savings and also simplifies the payment, claim and inquiry process.  Aegis, a Houston-based insurance agency, offers customized insurance solutions for newly married or engaged couples looking to make a great start with their finances and their future. Aegis has friendly, knowledgeable insurance agents eager to help you start your new life together with comprehensive coverage for your auto, renters, homeowners and life insurance needs. Let Aegis help you get the quality insurance coverage you need that gives you both peace of mind at an affordable price. Contact Aegis today for more information, or request an instant quote now.

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