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Written by Adam Miller
Start the new year off by protecting finances and assets with the help of quality insurance coverage from InsurTexas.

The beginning of a new year is a wonderful opportunity to take stock of one's current financial situation and make goals to improve financial health and save for the future. By making wise financial goals and decisions now, people can be better prepared for the immediate and long-term future, and protect their assets and finances for themselves and their loved ones.

When it comes to protecting finances and assets, many people do not have a clear-cut plan developed, other than trying to save a little money in the bank, or contribute to a 401(k) when they can. As a result, many can be left in financial ruin when a major event happens, such as job loss, damage to the family home, a car accident, or a death in the family. Individuals and families that take proactive financial actions now to protect assets can find themselves in a better position to recover and can ensure their finances will be there when they're needed most.

To begin, people should first assess current assets and valuables such as a home, vehicles, motorcycles, family land, boats, jewelry, art and other family heirlooms. These are all valuables that are worth protecting, both for their financial value and for the sake of beneficiaries who will inherit them. It is not enough to simply store valuables like jewelry in a safe, or keep a motorcycle in storage, or add a security system to a home. Truly protecting assets means insuring their full value in the event of damage, fire, flood or other catastrophe. Otherwise, the value of these objects cannot be replaced, and individuals and families suffer the consequences.

Having quality Homeowners Insurance is vital to protect the value of the home and its possessions, and Inland Marine Coverage can help protect high-value assets such as jewelry, art, heirlooms and other valuables to ensure their value can be quickly recovered in the event of a disaster. Too often people are underinsured for their valuables, so when a catastrophic event occurs, the liability limits of basic Homeowners Insurance means that the bulk of their insurance payout will go to replace the one or two valuable items, leaving the homeowner with little help left to recover and replace other necessities.

Another major component of protecting finances and assets is having quality, reliable Life Insurance in place to help protect families when there is a loss of life. Life Insurance can help ease the difficulty by providing financial security and stability, ensuring that a family home is paid off and protected, or that outstanding debts are settled and that the family will remain financially healthy. It is especially critical to ensure that the primary wage earner is fully protected with Life Insurance to help the surviving spouse and children with future expenses such as food, utilities, medical and dental needs, college tuition, vehicles, and more. Along with having ample Life Insurance, individuals and families should also take time to draw up wills or trusts to ensure assets and finances are properly divided and ensure future needs will be met.

Aegis can help individuals and families prepare for their future and protect finances and assets from any kind of catastrophic event. The friendly and knowledgeable agents of Aegis strive to ensure individuals and families have quality, comprehensive insurance coverage for their homes, apartment, vehicles, high-value assets, motorcycles, and themselves. Aegis can create a custom insurance solution that meets all needs and provides exceptional protection at an affordable rate. Customers can save even more by bundling policies together to decrease annual premiums, such as Homeowners, Auto, Business and Life Insurance, for maximum savings. Contact the insurance experts at Aegis at 713-850-7622 or go online to request a free quote or additional information.

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