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Making Your Parking Lot Safer for Customers and Employees

Businesses rely on both employees and customers in order to make their business successful, so it's important that both are safe when they're on your commercial property. No employee or customer should ever feel unsafe when they're coming or going from a business, nor should they risk injury walking or driving on a commercial lot. With crime on the rise, it's more important than ever for businesses to take also initiative and work to minimize potential crime on their commercial property. The focus of today's Aegis blog post is how companies can make their parking lot and commercial garages safer for businesses, customers, and employees.

Increased Property Lighting

The primary way businesses can make their parking lots and garages safer for everyone is by increasing the number of working lights on the property at night. A restaurant or retail parking lot that is well lit is far less likely to be targeted by thieves or vandals who might prey on employee or customer cars. Criminals often target dimly lit parking lots and parking garages because they can rob people or break into vehicles much easier without being seen or clearly identified. Also, a brightly-lit parking area can also help illuminate sidewalks, steps, and other areas where people might trip and fall, leading to injuries and possible liability issues.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

A common problem facing commercial properties is that they often suffer from poor visibility and signage on their lots because of overgrown or poorly placed trees and shrubs. Landscaping and trees should not make it harder for vehicles to drive safely in and out of the commercial parking lot, and they should not block any important business signage. Having trees and shrubs pruned or even removed can improve visibility and help avoid accidents and damages from occurring on a commercial property. Also, it can eliminate hiding places for criminals or vandals to lurk and wait.

Repairing Cracks and Uneven Walkways

A leading cause of injuries on commercial properties are trips and falls on parking lots and sidewalks. Many of these accidents are caused by uneven walkways and cracked sidewalks, which create tripping hazards. These should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid employee injuries or customer accidents, both of which could lead to liability issues for business owners if they're not repaired. Additionally, businesses should make sure any steps, raised walking paths, or slippery areas are well marked with bright paint and signs to avoid additional injuries.

Installing Video Monitoring

Finally, commercial property safety can be improved dramatically through the installation of video monitoring systems. Often, a video monitoring system alone can help deter many petty thieves or criminals who might target a business, its employees, or its customers. As crime rates continue to rise in certain retail and business areas, businesses can help combat this by using video cameras to protect the parking lot, garage, and business property from thieves or vandals that could steal property or cause substantial damages.

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